Monday, May 24, 2010

I've run out of smiles.

My Google Alert results on my AV name returned me a link to a Greasemonkey source site where someone submitted a script designed to remove my emoticons from my forum posts.

This, combined with drama being stirred in my inworld friendships and what seems to be a general consensus drives me to one conclusion.

The emoticons started as a chat board gag when people were bugging me about my punctuation and capitalization. I'm a skilled typist. I don't chat in 1337 or txtish. I make complete sentences and punctuate them properly. People reacted as if I was slowing down chat or making it hard to keep up. As a result, I responded to them by embellishing my chat with emotes. A sort of showing off my own typing speed even when proper grammar and spelling were used.

In time, the emotes defined my chat. I was able to reflexively utilize a roster of different appearances to indicate my current mood and intent for each line I wrote. Anyone who has chatted with me inworld in SL, in Gtalk, or remembers me from prior AIM and YIM accounts, in addition to co-workers reading my lighter Emails can attest that they've never slowed me down.

But, of all places, SL and SL related forums; I've received a lot of flak for using them. I came to SL to create the social life I never had. In effect, it seems I was never meant to have a social life, as what I've developed here is almost as bad as my experience in high school.

So, to me, it's "Your world. Your imagination. Just not you."

Part of me is shutting down.

I hope someone receives pleasure from this.