Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have my own frigg'n site now! =^-^=

Come on over and check it out.  I found out how much a hosting plan + registering a URL cost and wondered why I haven't done it sooner. DX

Cuz, like, now I'm not really subject to a content TOS over there.  So, a lot of the stuff I had over in Avatars United will be moved in.  I'll set up a gallery soon. (^_^)

For now, the blog is up and running! =^-^=

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You WILL accept display names! DX

So, what really is in a name in SL?  Mine?  It's a sentence.  Some people have real sounding or culturally specific names.  Others have AOLish atrocities.  Then there's the people who try to get a 'message' across with their account name... Like... xxx69lickyoudry Felicity. (O.o)

Of course, now we're going to be getting DISPLAY names.  Our account name will be locked to whatever we signed up with, but, with a 7 day minimum we can have any bloody name at all... Well... Unless it's a curse word, on the ban list, or "Linden". (=_=)

But, why Linden?  Eventually that gets dug up at the end of the meeting. (=_=)

[2010/10/07 11:57]  Jack Linden: Drongle, Linden is a real world company with real world brand and protections of that brand. So yes, we will protect that inworld

But, what does that mean? (O.o)

Here's how the crowd understood it. (^_^)

[2010/10/07 11:58]  Ciaran Laval: Linden is also a real name Jack
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Master Kane: Oh and we qare just pissants jack?
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Zoha Boa: ZoHA Islands is a RL company paying +400 K US$ in tier to LL. Why can't you protect us ?
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Cummere Mayo: jack, many of the designers here are real world companies with bradings too
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Cummere Mayo: *brandings
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Imnotgoing Sideways: So, what about Linden St. San Francisco? (^_^)
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Marianne McCann: Hmn. I suspect Voyager might be a company's name out there, maybe others...
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Drongle McMahon: SA are hundreds of other names.
[2010/10/07 11:58]  Aargle Zymurgy: and I'm legally incorporated as well.
[2010/10/07 11:59]  Rigrunner Rang: so again i repeat a person can take no action until they see someone using their TM? There's no protective measures in place for anyone except Linden?

So, yeah, something is inconsistent... I mean...

[2010/10/07 12:00]  Imnotgoing Sideways: But, we get to use our RL names, right... What about when a Frank Linden signs up to SL... It's now everyone but him. (^_^)
[2010/10/07 12:00]  Imnotgoing Sideways: If there's nothing to be afraid of.... There's nothing to be afraid of. (^_^)
[2010/10/07 12:00]  Lamorna Proctor: yeah, you can have any name you like, as long as it's not Linden. What's sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander

So far, the way I'm reading this is that anyone can have anyone else's name at any time, we can use our real life names, we can make up character names, but our display name can NOT contain "Linden". (=_=)

Stepping back in time...

[2010/10/07 11:38]  Imnotgoing Sideways: Linden Lab was only called Linden Lab because the initial office was on Linden St. in San Francisco. Surely, the name has a history that predates SL. (^_^)
[2010/10/07 11:38]  Lamorna Proctor: Unter den Linde was a street in Berlin years before :)
[2010/10/07 11:38]  Lamorna Proctor: *Linden

So, Linden Research Inc. (Remember when they made that change?) feels the need to protect the "Linden" name.  Why?  It wasn't theirs to begin with.  There are people, places, and streets that use Linden as a name.  Surely, there may theoretically be a genuine reason for someone to name their avatar "Linden" at some point in time.  But, that's blocked? (=_=)

To say they're protecting a trademark means... what? (O.o)

[2010/10/07 11:52]  Cummere Mayo: i asked what procedure you have for takedown notices of trademakred or copyrighted names?
[2010/10/07 11:53]  Cummere Mayo: saying talk to us isnt a procedure

Oh, true that.  Residents have trademarked their names due to business interests and such.  But, its not just that.  We'll be stepping into this with zero knowledge of the grief that will come from mistaken identity, fraud, misdirected Abuse Reports, among many other potential issues.  But, the Lindens aren't choosing to protect their resi... CUSTOMERS!  Paying customers, at that. (=_=)

Personally, I can say that I don't completely mind display names, but, I despise the current method being used to implement it.  Add to that, Linden Lab keeps telling us that there won't be a need for protections over our names.  But... They protect their own?  So, if there's no need, why do THEY need it?  That's the whole sticky point for me. (=_=)

I think I have a solution... Opt out. =^-^=

[2010/10/07 11:17]  Imnotgoing Sideways: I'd still love to have an option in my profile that says "Add my account name to the display name blacklist". It can be a tickbox right next to "Hide me In search". (^_^)

People like the idea.  But, will it be implemented.  Heck, it's not even getting acknowledged. (=_=)

I dunno.  I'm seeing a lot of frustrated people who are currently putting a lot of money into SL.  Linden Lab seems to strictly target who they can get far more than who they can keep.  It just smells.  (>_<)

The question is...

[2010/10/07 11:20]  Molly Montale: If being fooled is not a real concern then why will the sur name Linden not be available?

Anyone got an answer?  Anyone?  Bueller?  =^-^=

Saturday, October 2, 2010

For a limited time @ Darkly Cute - Freebie shoes! =^-^=

So, I got a pumpkin dress today and figured I wanted my shoes to match.  So, I looked for a decent orange shade and went for it. =^-^=

So... For the month of October, I'll be offering them for free at my usual locations:

Darkly Cute :: Ferguson
Darkly Cute :: Morbidette


DC - Shoes - EGL Heavy Wedge Pumpkin


Friday, October 1, 2010

New @ Darkly Cute - Wedgies! =^-^=

I did it again. This time they're wedges. I made them in three colors and they're same as before, Copy+Mod+NoTransfer with V1 and V2 compatible versions. (^_^)y

Nab a pair at the Morbidette Market or in my cookie jar


DC - Shoes - EGL Heavy Wedge Violet

I got'em all up on the walls. (^_^)

Inside my cookie jar (^_^)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jira sillies... (O.o)

I use the Jira, I really do. I don't mind the interface, and I've had issues directly addressed. (^_^)

But, here's an odd one... (o.o)

In March I started VWR-18470 after noticing that my offlines took a couple relogs before they came inworld... Which was heavily inconvenient since I have a full time job in addition to inworld responsibilities that lead to me getting IMs 24 hours a day. I've never seen another client exhibit this behaviour. (>_<) In May SVC-3503 was started, pretty much addressing the same issue and determining that it's a server-side issue. I'm not so prepared to believe that it's server side, since it only exhibits while using V2 clients. So...

imnotgoing sideways added a comment - 26/Mar/10 4:07 AM
If someone can move/copy my duplication captures from Please do so.

Alexa Linden added a comment - 03/May/10 12:00 PM
Duplicate of VWR-18470

Okay... That settles things. Seems my observations were correct, after all. (^_^)


Esbee Linden added a comment - 24/Sep/10 3:02 PM
Dupe. This is a server issue (already linked to this ticket).

Eh? Can we say infinite loop, boys and girls? (O.o)

So, I looked at the linked tickets to mine and I see that SVC-3503 remains closed. I can't re-open it. The best I can do is sit, comment, and watch. (=_=)

I'm still not convinced that it's a server side issue. But, hey... They know what they're doing, right? (O.o)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New @ Darkly Cute - SHOES! =^-^=

I FINALLY made some shoes. I been wanting to do this in forever. After many hours of arm-wrestling with Blender I finally pumped out a pair of... Well... Pumps! =^-^=

DC - Shoes - EGL Bowies

I've placed them both at my mainland store and at the Morbidette Marketplace. (^_^)

Be Darkly Cute! (^_^)y

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When social phobias attack... (._.)

To start... This is a typical scene for me. (._.)

A typical scene for me...

What you see here is me standing exactly 19 meters away from the furthest person in the conversation, as my Mystitool reads. I'm not "hiding". I'm not "spying". I just can't bring myself to get any closer. At least... Not without a direct invitation. And, if I do happen to get an invitation, what's going to stop me from having an anxiety attack which drives me to leave? (T_T)

I'm telling myself, "It's okay here". (._.)

I'm telling myself, "They're happy to be unaware of me." (._.)

I'm telling myself, "If I get any closer, I'll just cause trouble." (._.)

I'm afraid. (T_T)

What I'm afraid of most is that my friends have gotten used to this. They think this is where I'm happy too. Over time, they've stopped noticing me. Or, they've grown to glaze over me since nothing is ever going to get better. (._.)

I'm still in therapy. One more week. I still can't value myself enough to simply walk up to my own friends. I've been like this since I was a kid. I came to SL to escape from it. I did for a while. But, after a year and a half, my old phobias crept back in and followed me to my virtual life. (T_T)

How do I take control of this? (T_T)

How can I bring myself to just walk up to them? (T_T)

If I can't, what am I supposed to do with myself. (T_T)

This stinks all mighty and I want out. The hard part is that it's my own head. How do I get out of my own head? (T_T)