Sunday, November 29, 2009

Metropolis in Second Life (^_^)

I got a group chat mention from a friend earlier today:

[01:25 PM] ** **: I found an interesting event - Metropolis - 1927 silent German expressionism science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang is showing in SL at 2pm
[01:25 PM] ** **: if you are interested in this - IM for a LM

At first, I expected a streaming video in a traditional theater, like setting. But, I was still interested. It ~is~ Metropolis, after all. (^_^)

What I landed in was something very different. (o.o)

The Metropolis scenes were all built upon a giant active stage, with scripted seating around. Instructions said to basically sit in a seat and let the camera scripts take over for the show. This was a very novel approach. Something I've never seen before. (^_^)

From the start, on... My screen was filled with each scene. The stage construction was all around. Events and animations were all being played in front of my constantly manipulated camera. Each angle, timed to the scene, along with music to match coming through the audio stream. It was machinima, but not captured to be played back later. Everything was done in real time, right there on the spot. (^_^)

Scenes and stages were dynamic. Changing form throughout the show. There were a handful of avatar actors used, each playing a character or two using props, animations, and even just walking around to make each scene. (^_^)

There were many times when even the audience was visible in the performance. While our cameras were being manipulated, our chairs were as well. Some of the larger crowd scenes seemed to even include the audience as sit-in extras to fill the scene with faces. Really, over all they put together a great use of resources.

I was left speechless with tears welling up in my eyes. Aghast at the virtual performance art I had just witnessed. The show lasted an hour. Not once was I drawn away from my screen. Speechless and breathless, I was just utterly amazed at what was being presented. (^_^)

After "The End" the music changed and we all got up for an after-the-show dance. Everyone was thankful for the show. The cast, crew, and builders were present to thank everyone for watching. Overall it was a great experience. (^_^)


After an idea of Debbie Trilling to do a re-make of "METROPOLIS" the fist science fiction movie made in 1927 by Fritz Lang. Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess started with working out this Idea to bring it to Second Life.

Velazquez Bonetto: rebuild the Whole Metropolis, wrote programms and scripts, situated every scenery at its place and brought new technology into SL .
Josina Burgess: created all the caracters, avatars, costumes and together they used Muybridge simulations for mass groups where needed.
Nnoiz Papp: wrote and composed the music specially for Metropolis.
Windyy Lane: build the upperclass scenery and made all the animations
Sca shilova: build the robot and the animations for it.

the actors are:
Debbie Trilling
MillaMilla Noel
Efrantirse Morane
Josina Burgess
Velazquez Bonetto

A Camera system is build in the seats where the audience will sit , also the seats, with audience in it, will fly around in Metropolis form scene to scene to be a "part" of the whole.

Its so far the biggest project ever done on SL, it took months of working, building,creating, rehearsing and animating.
The actors/avatars playing the key figures teleport from stage to stage and perform in between camera close-ups.

The whole Metropolis is a 1 hour breathtaking experience on SL, but not only on SL even in RL people will be able to watch this via You Tube as a new way of making a artistique event going beyond borders.

To give you an idea of the work that was put in to make this project work: some ïnside information..


CARP presents “Metropolis” in Second Life

Posted on April 19, 2009 by Morris Vig SECOND ARTS

I’ve been hearing that the CARP/Diabolous team responsible for the inworld tour de force of Pink Floyd’s The Wall was at it again, this time making an inworld version of Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 science fiction silent motion picture, Metropolis. Today, I finally got around to attending a performance.

[Side thought: It's like Josina Burgess, Debbie Trilling and their partners in the SL theatric arts at CARP know exactly what trips my artistic trigger. I love Pink Floyd and Roger Waters' work, hence my enjoyment of The Wall. In the Viggy collection of classic movie DVD's, Metropolis (even my crappy version of it) sits right alongside Citizen Kane and Casablanca. The history of the Metropolis movie is really something interesting, here for more info on that. But I digress...]

My verdict (like mine is important…a debatable point)? CARP’s Metropolis is at least the peer of their version of The Wall, if not its superior. The subject matter for both stories is equally grand, and CARP uses Metropolis as an allegory for the state of the world much like they did with The Wall:

So we see Lang’s vision of the future…the everlasting difference of the rich and poor, the elite and the worker, the greedy people on the top and the suffering masses…very much alive today as now we see what greediness of the elite did to the world- economics and us, the people.

Today we are living a crisis that is maybe worse then the one just after the War.

The main message of Metropolis was that it gave a solution to Post-War Germany to attempt a Social Market.

This in fact is what Metropolis as a movie created at that time. And this was exactly 60 years ago!

Are we powerless and resigned ?

Or do we change this future?

Do we change our own Metropolis?

With that as foreshadowing….there’s MUCH more after the fold, including a 100-plus piece slideshow to document this visual treat…

Technically, you have to start with the theatrical set. This is a dense build that minimizes the use of prims (perhaps CARP needs to be in a double-prim sim like those in Bay City and Nautilus!) and maximizes the use of textures to achieve the dramatic effect. As you will see below, the textures are both rich and grand. They also use textures as a means to demonstrate masses of characters – the chorus, if you will – and accomplishes this with impressive effect. How to ensure that the many, many textures load in a reasonable amount of time in a full sim? Easy – they took the first six minutes of the show to display credits and literally pre-load the entire pack of textures used in the show. Genius.

This compact build also allows for attendees to sit in custom-scripted seating and be “physically” (this is a virtual world, so it can’t be physical,but hopefully you get my meaning) moved from scene to scene. The seating also is a marvel – three sets of seats, flying around the set like a choreographed guided tour of the property. Viewers also place themselves at the mercy of the flying seats – no need to use flycams or mouseview…just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lastly, the one thing you can’t see in the slideshow below: Music. The score for this show is really strong. It’s electronic in nature and complements the show quite well…just like the textures, the animations, the costumes…

So here’s the slideshow. It’s quite a show, all 60 minutes of it. And, like The Wall, the Metropolis company invites the attendees down to the floor to celebrate the show once it’s done. Can’t beat that!


Helfe Ihnen (leader of the odyssey art)
posted in flickr 28 mar. 2009
Metropolis is a 'must see' in SL!
What the team has made is absolutely stunning and at the top level of what is possible in SL. On the other hand you see sometimes what is missing in SL in technical and esthetical possibilities. Acting seems to stay very difficuilt.

Information by the team:

After an idea of Debbie Trillling to do a re-make of METROPOLIS the fist science fiction movie made in 1927 by Fritz Lang, Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess started with working out this Idea to bring it to Second Life.

Velazquez Bonetto rebuild the Whole Metropolis, wrote programms and scripts, situated every scenery at its place and brought new technology into SL .
Josina Burgess created all the caracters, avatars, costumes and together they used Muybridge simulations for mass groups where needed.
Nnoiz Papp wrote and composed the music specially for Metropolis.
Windyy Lane build the upperclass scenery and made all the animations
Sca shilova build the robot and the animations for it.

the actors are:
Debbie Trilling
MillaMilla Noel
Efrantirse Morane
Josina Burgess
Velazquez Bonetto

A Camera system is build in the seats where the audience will sit , also the seats, with audience in it, will fly around in Metropolis form scene to scene to be a "part" of the whole.

Its so far the biggest project ever done on SL, it took months of working, building,creating, rehearsing and animating.
The actors/avatars playing the key figures teleport from stage to stage and perform in between camera close-ups.

The whole Metropolis is a 1 hour breathtaking experience on SL, but not only on SL even in RL people will be able to watch this via You Tube as a new way of making a artistique event going beyond borders.

I strongly recommend searching for it in events and going to watch it for yourself. (^_^)y

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another one to look at (^_^)

I just got word of this site from an SLU thread. (^_^)

Their basis seems to be that they offer services on multiple grids and don't charge a commission fee. I'm yet to read their FAQ to see what their business model is, but, here's another on to take a peek at while moving away from XstreetSL. (^_^)y

Friday, November 27, 2009

Freebies or theft: Lesser of two Xstreet evils?

A friend of mine was shopping for a specific hair style. She hops around the stores, checks out the blogs, and takes a peek at XstreetSL. All happy things. (^_^)

... Until she runs into a hair with one maker name as the creator and another maker's name in the description. (=_=)

Wonderful! This seller can sell Sirena hair! \(^o^)/

That's not all...

ETD, as well. How do I know? (^_^)

It's one of my most commonly worn hair styles. Practically the first one I ever bought when I started working out my style in SL. (^_^)

I put up a mention in SLU. What do I get? First response...

A link to some bold sonova**** who blatantly puts "Redgrave" in the item description, as if to PROVE it's stolen. Well.. Probably to draw attention to the product so that it will sell faster. I mean, what better way to sell stolen Redgrave boots than to list your stolen boots under the search term "Redgrave", no? (^_^)

So, this is the XstreetSL that Linden Lab gives us. An outlet that's being rid of the "freebie clutter" to make room for perfectly honest copybot thieves who price their items accordingly so that they break minimum commission and are assured sales since they're undercutting their competition by hundreds of L$. Of course... Don't go and say that their competition is the exact maker they're stealing from. That would require Linden Lab to, you know, take action? (=_=)

Bleagh! DX

I haz a grumpy nao. (>.<)

Send this to every friend that you have online*

*if you don't mind being berated by half of them for spamming chain mail via notecards in SL. (=_=)

Yes, I'm starting to see these. The chain mail pandemic has gone from snail mail, to fax machines, to Email, to..... Yes.... SL!!!! DX

I'm getting notecards here and there from people with the same old - same old. [Insert sweet and sappy message here]... and send this out to 4, 7, 42 or your friends. (^_^)

I accept, the messages are sweet and inspirational, as they've always been. I'm sure the early chain letters keep the post office in business for quite a while. When they went to Email things got a bit too easy and the inherit logarithmic growth of a single message was practically enough to choke a server. Go to any Email admin and ask, "Hey, did you get that letter about the angels?" and run, run for your life. (^_^)

Now, they're in SL... In notecard form, no less. Hereby adding undue stress to the already overstressed asset cluster. They have the same potential for logarithmic growth, if not moreso due to the drag and drop ease that comes with inventory offers. Add to that, they contain a bit of emotional blackmail. (=_=)

Send this to every friend that you have on-line,
including the person who sent it to you.

0 Replies - you may need to work on your 'people skills'
2 Replies - you are nice but probably need to be more outgoing
4 Replies - you have picked your friends well!
6 Replies - you are downright popular
8 Replies or More - you are totally awesome
(and that's probably why you're on MY list)

Sorry... I'm not going to manage my "people skills" on the handling of a bulk message notecard. (=_=)

Send this to every friend that you have online*

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where I went (^_^)

Since Xstreet has gone the way of Wal Mart, I have since pulled out and focused on other things. Mind you, Xstreet sales almost never made anything for me. I see myself as a cottage industry. I make a couple styles of glasses, a few more styles of doll keys with my own scripting, and a nose piercing. I'm not a heavy full-time content creator. (^_^)

So... With that, I don't really sell much. My main store pulls in about L$1200 per month, I had a mall location in LicoLico that was more of a landmark provider to my main store and cost me L$600 per month. And, Xstreet was my publicity engine where I was lucky to make L$25 per month. (^_^)

In the end, I'd usually walk away with L$625 per month. My stipend alone beats that to the ground. (=_=)

So, what to do? I still want a publicity engine. I still want a website. As Kyrah mentioned in a comment to one of my prior posts, there were currently 4 other options:

From the looks of things, they're all good choices. Slapt and Meta-Life have the nicer looking web pages. I found Apez to be too dark and MetaverseEx resembling a site from the early '90s. So, as a publicity engine, I was biased toward the pretties. (^_^)

Slapt seems to be having some back-end drama. I'm seeing a friend on Twitter mentioning that he was dropped as a group admin so that gives me the feeling that they're still going through growing pains. (>_<)

So, what I was left with was Meta-life... And, that's who I've set up so far. (^_^)

So... For now, I have my little butt planted on Meta-Life. Actually, taking a look at things, I've already made a sale! \(^o^)/

Setting up on the site was pretty easy. I like the method of getting a password from an inworld object. That just makes for one less thing for me to think about. Listing items was considerably trouble free. So far, I like it. I'm going to tinker a bit with the vendor system... It'll take some prim cutting on my part to do so, but, I can do it. (^_^)

I still have to look into the other sites, but, for pretty and publicity it looks like Meta-Life is a good choice. (^_^)y

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Immy - from the little one, up. (^_^)

I started SL as a kid AV. It was my "me". It was mostly based off of a freebie "loli" avatar that I found in a freebie box when the first thing I searced for in SL was "Kawaii". I was a funky little crud. First without prim hair, then eventually upgrading to hair, shoes, and such. (^_^)

Rez Day Immy - November 2008 (2007 avatar)

Then, I got tall. TOO tall. My interests started to shift to less-than-child-ish things and I needed to sprout up a bit to appropriately explore them. I had a shape that I made for sale one. It was a bit over 6 feet tall. And, it had quite a few of the commonly recognizable features of any of the shapes I've made. I can't say I was ever comfortable in that shape. Sure, attachments were easy. I finally had boobs, so, clothing with shaders were no longer a problem. It just wasn't "me" and it took far too much psychological adjustment for me to stay in that shape. (>_<)

Big Immy - April 2008

I was reeeeealy flaky about my avatar back then. On one hand, I was Little Immy... The epic trouble making brat, "Look out below!", frigg'n tempest in a teacup worth of mischief. On the other, I was Tall Immy... Getting involved in D/s relationships, actively roleplaying in CoLA, I was even partnered and had a dollie/sub for a while. I was a bloody shapeshifter!!! (>.<) So... I had this toggle between a puggy little brat and SRS-BZNS hightower. It was getting tough to manage. Scripted collars when I'm up, unscripted when I'm down. I'd have to ask friends about the environment they were in before TPing me. Things were far too black and white and I found my self being diluted by an ever changing persona. (>_<) I wanted a cool medium, so, I went to work on a new shape. I wanted the physical maturity of my adult shape combined with the bratty sass of my little. I wanted to establish my own brand of cuteness and terror. I wanted my "me" to be me 100%. (^_^)

Robo Immy - September 2008

After getting a lucky chair prize of a cyberdoll avatar, I started getting to work on a smaller, yet, mature shape for myself. When I got done with the face, I was almost frightened how consistent it was with my originals. I really never went back to reference, the face wound up being a reflex. Honestly, it has gone unchanged for at least a year by now. There was just something golden about it. (^_^)

I was still floaty about my shapes for a while but started frequenting my mid shape after a few months passed. It wasn't too hard to adjust attachments for, looked great in many different outfits, and was my most comfortable form, to date. (^_^)

I still spent a lot of time experimenting. I used custom skins I made using Eloh's Re templates. I was making a lot of "okay" but rarely any "good". I'd spring back and forth to my little and tall shapes some more. I'd tinker with demo skins. I was finding my self constantly dealing with a look that was just not right. (T_T)

Glass Gearz - March 2009

Then Eloh came out with her Pleaides skins. They were great. They had tons of great shading. Really, wonderful looking skins. But, I ran into issues with the nose, eyebrows, and breast shading that I just couldn't work with. In the end I only made a couple doll skins out of them, including what I consider my masterpiece, Glass Gearz. Surely, I have not found my "me" yet. (._.)

Not long after, Eloh comes out with Starlight skins... With the old and new nose and many more workable layers! XD

IMMY!!! - August 2009

Since then, I've been settling in. I really have found myself at home with my shape. While I have run into a few prim outfits that just won't fit, in general, my current shape and skin is Immy defined. (^_^)

Even better, I've found a really killer store called Danika that sells outfits that fit me perfectly in one shot! I've been able to go there, buy an outfit, and walk out of the store with it on and no adjustments needed. So, not only have I come up with a good to-scale avatar... I'm seeing that others are too and we're becoming a marketable group. =^-^=

Immy - November 2009

Anatomy of an Immy. =^-^=

I've been LOLing lately at all the places where I'm seeing my name used as though I'm a beast of lore. "Imnot" here, "ING" there, "Immy" everywhere. It's like watching a bunch of wrinkly curmudgeons telling stories about Bigfoot, Nessie, Jaws, or whatever. It's silly. (^_^)

Anyway... My blog, my rules. Let's talk about me. I'm so vain. =^-^=

Little Immy - March 2008

I started SL as a kid AV. Quite antisocial, in fact. One thing I sure as heck didn't want was to be in the virtual gene pool of the online dating/sex scene. Making myself a creepy little crud really helped work that out... To a limit. (O.o)

I STILL ran into people who would IM me with less than savory requests. And, I was all like "Woah! Dude! DX" most of the time. So, back then, I spelled it out in my profile. I introduced myself, left a messages telling people to NOT IM me with sexual requests, even threatening to shout them to open chat. Finally closing my profile with "Please call me 'Immy' so that I know you've read my profile. (^_^)". Not bad, no? No only an indicator that I got my preemptive message across, but, a nickname was born. =^-^=

So, yes, for quite a while I was a kid avatar. It was fun. Though, I was quite imp-ish and sometimes very un-kid-like most of the time. I was mostly floating between trying pass as a kid, a vampire, a loli-imp, a neko, or whatever my mindset was at the time. Regardless, no matter what I was, I was "me". (^_^)

I've since sprouted up and gone adult now. Along this whole time I've been a regular at the Hanja Welcome area, Waterhead, NCI, and various other places. I like to diversify. I hop around from PG sandboxes to Adult dollification sims and everything in between. (^_^)

One thing that's been consistent to my nature is helping. I was always the kid in class who would put things down to help someone else reach a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. So, it's only natural that I become a helper. It started when I found a pile of green dots on the map in a PG sim. I dove in to find this funny little place called New Citizens Inc. One of my Hanja friends was there, so I said "Hi" and chatted up the place for a while. Over time, I got to better know people and even ran into the first person to ever chat with me in SL... An active NCI officer at the time who I had shoo'd away because I wasn't really chatting with anyone back then. (>_<)

Anyway... The group was fun and I became a regular. I started getting used to the idea of being able to build and script on the land. I started entering contests. I started having serious fun. Over time, through what I hope was merit of my actions, I was assigned the role of a helper. (^_^)

I really enjoyed it. Helping comes naturally to me. It's how I get my thrill. I can't really explain it. I guess it's the pride. I like the feeling I get when I've given a person one more thing than they didn't know before. I won't even say I'm generous. I can't say that generosity is my motivation. It's just the thrill of spreading information. I'm an information glut and a showoff, so, I like to spout all day about information I have. (^_^)

At one point, I was finally past my minimum time required to sign up for Second Life Mentors and I dove in to it. The application process took a long time and the meetings, shadowing, and final acceptance was very rewarding. Again, this gave me more opportunity to help. I really didn't have to change any habits and I rarely wore the tag, but, it was nice to have the extra resources available at my disposal. Mentor group chat was a great place to take baffling questions. Access to Help Island was a fun way to pass the time assisting people for their first minutes inworld. It was a blast. =^-^=

Between infohubs, NCI, and Help Island, I sure as heck had a full plate and it was full of things I liked. In between and intermingled with my duties, I had my friends. From the Welcome are mobs, to the drones at The Doll Works, to the nutcase /b/tards of Woodbury, to my own close and personal friends... SL always had something to offer for my time spent inworld. (^_^)

Then I faced a griefing. To me, THIS was a genuine griefing. Not silly cubes and particles. I got falsely Abuse Reported by a W-hat goon for (Sexual)ageplay. Mind you, I was in a PG (adult robot) avatar, on PG land, in a PG event, and building a PG project for the event. What part of anything I was doing had a chance of being misconstrued as (sexual)ageplay, I'll never know. (>_<)

Aparently, neither will Linden Lab. After filing a ticket on the suspension, I got a response clearning my record of the event and apologising for the error. That was a good thing. (^_^) In the process, I was able to point out the events that lead up to my AR and even the presumed name of the avatar that reported me. From that, the NCI community and senior land officer offered me the opportunity to become a Land Officer of the group. I accepted the poisition and continued to do my best to keep the sandboxes clean and safe. At the same time, making a mess of my own, much to the pleasure of the crowd of regulars. (^_^)

To date, that's what I continue to be. SL is supposed to be fun and I'm finding all of my facets of fun in different places all over SL. While I will be losing my Mentor tag in just a couple weeks, I will still mentor on my own terms. The existing fringe mentor chat groups are still fine resources for information and NCI still remains the number one location and group for getting exactly what you need to adjust to this funny little virtual world. (^_^)y

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alternatives to XstreetSL

Just read Kyra's comment on my prior post where she included 4 website names. Thanks for that. (^_^)

Just to give them more visibility, I'll add web links here. =^-^=

I plan on visiting each one (Plus any others added in comments *hint hint*) to see which one I'm gonna plop my little cookie jar on. =^-^=

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doubleblow! XstreetSL this time. DX

Okay... Not only is the Mentor group being shut down. Now XstreetSL is going to charge fees for item listings below certain price thresholds. (=_=)

Second Life Blogs

Freebie listing fee = L$99 per month. (=_=)

Non-freebie listing fee = L$10 per month. (=_=)

Minimum commission on non-freebies = L$3. (=_=)

So... The hopeless cottage industry seller has no place here. Honestly, I've made little to no money from listing my items on Xstreet. I put my freebies up there and they move like hotcakes. Really, the one place I've had the best sales experience is my own little inworld 510M parcel, which is paid for by my annual premium membership. (^_^)

Really. I see no need to rely on XstreetSL any more. Once I get home, I'm pulling all my listings and tossing my bloody magic box. I've heard my unwelcome and accept it. (=_=)y

Coming soon: Mentorless Second Life

A rarely seen tag on me, that will soon be seen no more. (._.)

Second Life Blogs

As of December 11, 2009 Linden Lab will be disbanding the Second Life Mentors group. As a result, residents will be losing a resource that's long been available to the volunteer community and new residents' introduction to SL will never be the same again. (T_T)

For me, it was not about the tag. Anyone who knows me or has seen me knows quite clearly that I rarely if not never wore the thing. What I did do, though, is give my time and use the resources available to my fullest. I frequented infohubs, welcome areas, volunteer regions, and the numerous Help Islands which were restricted to new-resident and Mentor access. It was a fun ride. I met a few friends along the way, Mentor and new rez the same. And, now one facet of that is being taken away. (T_T)

Linden Lab allowed me to be who I am and do what I do best. For that, I thank them for the opportunity. In this turn of events, I will be keeping a critical eye on them. They say they want to improve the New User Experience. All I can say is, I'll wait and see. (=_=)

And... Of course... If a new volunteer program comes along; I will be right there at the signups and offering my time and talent to this wild and wooly virtual world. (^_^)y

You ask, I deliver (^_^)y

o explain why he instigated an incident with Alisha Matova such as to make her feel she had to break off a friendship with me -- I have absolutely no reason to doubt this former friend in her explanation of why she was breaking off a friendship with me, and it was definitely over Ing

I believe I’ll let Alisha speak for herself here. Actually, looks like she already has. Check her out in your own blog’s responses. (^_^)
o explain why he made a picture of a child avatar with a ball gag -- and then removed it from after it was exposed on my blog

To start; that’s not my child avatar. I did not purchase the shape or skin from any child AV store. Both are of my own making. The shape started from a “Ruth” base and the skin was recently updated when Eloh put out a very beautiful collection of skin templates called “Starlight”. Unlike the Frankenslut Boobzilla avatars that lurk the SL grid, I have chosen a more believable and natural shape. That’s all. Enjoy your 7-foot-tall avatar, I don’t care. (^_^)y

As for my picture; You’re doing it wrong. It’s not removed. The only times I’ve deleted photos from my Snapzilla collection is when I’ve accidentally sent shopping shots meant for a friend... Usually asking for hair and style advice or pointing out things she’d like. Beyond that, the only person that would be deleting pictures from my collection would be Christiano(sp?) and my guess is that he would contact me if he were to do so. (^_^)

o explain why he can't leave Woodbury after seeing the voluminous amounts of documentation that shows it is a griefing group - -and not only of me, but lots of other people

I never said “Can’t”. I said “won’t”. So far, the documentation I find show that Voted5 and PN are genuine griefing organizations, mainly because they can’t maintain a presence in SL with any duration beyond a single event. As for Woodbury; the group is an interesting beast. It’s easy to hate because of the *chan references but, for me, that’s the reason to embrace it. (^_^)

I like random and WU is random. There is no leadership, no control, but the SL technical model on groups forces a means of ownership and moderation. Internally, the group laughs at itself just as much as it laughs at the excessive seriousness of the world around us. Nobody is safe from a good bashing, particularly the owners and officers. Group chat is a scream and a good mental break from the day-to-day hum-drum. (^_^)

Of course, Prokofy, your idea of a griefing can be the simple act of saying “Hello” with the wrong name over my head. I’ll tell you this; we have shared perfectly civil conversations in the past. And, actually, I think you and I get along. Just... On another account. I won’t say who. You and I have a good thing going. =^-^=

o explain why he needs to keep coming to Ross, when there are plenty of other infohubs to practice his *cough* newbie-helping

I’ve been keeping up with the alt-client voting board. It’s really an interesting issue. On one part, these people are doing a better job than Linden Lab in regards to delivering a fully functioning and debugged client. On the other, without a deep understanding of what changes were made, I don’t know what the client would do to my account. Ruin my inventory? Send my password to a database in Egypt? Sap my account of L$1 per day? (^_^)

I’d like to turn the question around. Why restrict a potentially productive helper from volunteering time in a Linden infohub? If you want it to be private property in which you wholly manage, why hand it over to the Lindens? Or is it that you just wanted the cut in tier and free advertisement for your mall? Because, considering the way I observed you behaving, the last thing you want the Ross infohub to be is a welcoming portal for new residents in SL. (^_^)

I say, rescind the infohub status of your Ross shopping mall and push to promote Desmond’s Oxbridge University in Caledon. They’re doing an excellent job over there. (^_^)

o explain why he thinks that putting comments on his profile about "little nakie one" and such isn't edgecasing and provocative when it's clear that it's designed to skate under the radar

Easy; I’m shorter than about 75% of the people I know... Unless I’m in heels. So, “Little”. And, I’m usually in skimpy clothing. It’s one of my claims to fame. Nakie FTW! \(^o^)/

Though... The last time we met, I was far from nakie... Had the cool new Katat0nik dress on. Only L$20 and it matched my old red boots. (^_^)

o provide the text of the letter supposedly given to him by LL with the "apology".

Hi there,
Linden Lab has reviewed, at your request, a discipline action recently taken against your account.
Our investigation shows that the discipline may have been applied in error; we apologize for the mistake. We have also noted the correction in our records for your account.
If any further information is required, Linden Lab will contact you regarding this incident. Otherwise, please consider the matter resolved as no further communications will be sent.
Best wishes, and again, our apologies,
Linden Lab and the Second Life Community team

Ticket Information: Ticket #:4051-5305285 Date Created:9/28/2008 8:47 PM PDT

o confirm or deny that he was at SLCC (he claims he wasn't, but yet there is a claim that he was)

I did not physically leave my house the entire weekend. My family is strongly against any of my SL friendships turning into RL meetups. There are a lot of creeps out there. (^_^)

o explain, after being banned twice from events because clearly they were griefed by Woobury, and after smirking and writing "Sorries that was short" with neko smilies that made it abundantly obvious that he knew what he was doing, why he would come back *again* to Ross for yet ANOTHER event when he was clearly unwanted and just seeking to annoy and make trouble.
Actually... I said “That was brief”. It’s a common statement of mine. I use it typically when a conversation goes no further than “Hello”. I say it most often when a new resident asks a question and doesn’t let more than 5 seconds pass and simply tromps off or TPs away... Or, in your case, bans my butt before I get a chance to say “Nice place you got here”. (=_=)

I don’t remember any WU members being around for any of the times I visited. My Mystitool radar didn’t show anyone I knew within chat range. So, this whole “clearly griefed” isn’t all that clear to me. (=_=)

As for the smilies; They’re a habit. There’s something missing from text chat that I like to inject in my own words and I think smilies express them well. Since I’m a fast typist, the minor delay that comes with typing five to seven extra characters isn’t a burden to me. So, I do it. Just a bit of fun, you know? (^_^)

(^_^) << Regular happy, casual.
(^_^)y << Peace (usually when I’ve finished a multiline message.
=^-^= << I’m being “catty”.
(>_<) << Grimace... I’m either a bit frustrated or fearing a frying pan upon my head for what I just said.
(T_T) << Cry... Moody Immy is moody. Sometimes happycry though.
(O.o) (o.O) << Erm... LOLWUT?
(o.o) << A state of enlightenment... Sort of when I’m like “Ooooh.. Didn’t know that before”.

There’s more, I’m lazy. But I’m sure y’all can catch the patterns by now. (^_^)

As for my return trip to Ross; I’ll admit, I’m a bit bitter over my continued ban from the NCI infonode. You really do have a nice looking place there. I mean it no harm and intended to sporadically volunteer there just as I do with all other infohubs and welcome areas. I will not let your selfish hostility over me prevent that. That’s all. (^_^)

So... Did I address your questions and concerns with enough information? (^_^)

Want more? Feel free to ask. (^_^)

Want to know where I am and what I’m doing? Feel free to offer friendship. Heck, you can block me from seeing your online status, I don’t care. I give map. (^_^)

Want to keep spinning your little personal grudge to the point you’re the laughing stock of SL? Well.... Keep up the good work. (^_^)y

"Scrubbing"? (O.o)


"He has removed the ball-gag picture and other offensive pictures off" - Prokofy Neva.

How is this removed? (O.o)

Blimey, people! Can't y'all say ONE honest word about me? (=_=)

It's bad enough you're slandering me, but, your integrity goes down the hole when you put such a sad effort into stalking me that 90% of the potentially supporting information you present is flat out false. (=_=)

I'm still laughing at the concept that I live in the UK and attended the SLCC RL meetings. I mean... WOW~! Talk about being miles off course. (^_^)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The "ING" thing. (O.o)

Okay.. Who started this? (O.o)

I know I have a freakish SL name. I was ticked off on the day I made it. (=_=)

At first, I signed up to SL a while back and was really disappointed in the graphics. That orange gradient "sunset" was just an eyesore. That, on top of a few other issues, made me give up on SL. (>_<)

Then come November of 2007 and an article about SL getting linked on 7chan. In a little web hunting, I got a peek at this new "Windlight" thing that was coming out for SL. NOW they got my attention. Pretty skies, ripply water, believable lighting models. Okay, time to sign back in to SL and take a look around. =^-^=

But, bloody no! I FORGOT MY PASSWORD!!! DX

Okay... Make a new account... Names... Names... Names... "Sideways" Heh... Stupid name. =^-^=

"Imnotgoing"... Even more stupid! XD [Register]... And NOT taken!!! XD

Okay... So my avatar's name is Imnotgoing Sideways. That's not a name at all. I'm new to SL but not quite. I have this big wonky name. People ask me over and over how to shorten it. So, I made up "Immy". Sounds cute, no? Back when I was a kid AV, I laid down some rules about NOT IMing me for teh sexxorz and such. At the tail end of my profile, I left the note "Please, call me 'Immy' so I know you read my profile". That was a nice way for people to alert me that they got the message. (^_^)

As time passed, the name stuck. It's cute, short, and easy to spell. So, that's my nickname. (^_^)y

But... Now, according to Prok, "they" call me ING. Is this a reflection of friends that have been contacted? His friends or mine? It's funny. Even within the comments it sounds like this "ING" character is some beast of lore. Like, don't say her name three times while standing in between two mirrors or your room will fill with haunted dollies, or something. Am I such a mystery? Really, the only reason anyone wouldn't know something about me would simply be because they haven't asked. (^_^)

I'm THAT easy. If you friend me, I give map access 100%. I don't mute. If you ask and show you care, I tell. Some people who contact me are surprised that I respond... As if I have something to fear. Some people actually seem to fear me. Believe me. I'm not THAT significant. I think I deserve far more unimportance. Y'all are crazy. (^_^)y

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lies protected by comment moderation

"The fact that there are no comments on this particular blog astound and concern me. Here we have an adult pushing the limits of child sexuality. Is that ok??. So, they get permission for bondage. Cool! What's next on the agenda? Come on people speak out. This is a paedophile hiding behind the TOS." - Paddy Wright

Prokky's blog on me =^-^=

Paddy. There's an easy explanation for that. I've received one or two IMs from people telling me that they attempted to refute Prokofy's words about me only to have their comments summarily deleted. So, it's my speculation that Prokofy is not only attempting to spread lies about me. But, he's stifling any form of dispute against his lies. (=_=)

  • I am not a criminal.
  • I am not a pedophile.
  • I am not a (sexual)ageplayer.
  • I put away my kid avatar not long after I was seriously griefed by a W-hat goon.
  • The avatar I wear is that of an adult; 5'1" in flat shoes, C-cup breasts, and 18 years old in character.

Unlike Prokofy, I am leaving my blog comments open to everyone and will not censor any response. I do not fear dispute because I'm not lying. Whereas, I see quite clearly that Prokofy does because he is. (=_=)

Feel free to leave comments, contact me inworld, or for a real laugh, offer me friendship. I give map access to everyone. I don't do anything that would compromise myself as a person or an avatar. (^_^)y

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Among many other lies...

And lies, they are... Uh...

Blog post with far too long of a URL

... Since when did I attend SLCC and live in the UK? (O.o)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adventures in "disruption" =^-^=

[08:38 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (17m)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Easy way to get for it... Use the search bar at the top of your inventory... Put in the word "(Worn)" with the parenthesis. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That way, you'll locate any items you have on your avatar. (^_^)
[08:38 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Ah.. There goes the green shirt... that may have been the one you wanted. (^_^)
[08:39 PM] M C : hmmm
[08:39 PM] M C : soo uhhh....where u from?
[08:39 PM] M C : lol
[08:39 PM] M C : joking
[08:39 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh. (^_^)
[08:40 PM] M C : i cant find it
[08:40 PM] M C : the shirt to take it off
[08:40 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... I think it should have moved a copy from the Library to your main inventory. (O.o)
[08:40 PM] M C : the one you see right now?
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. You're back in the gray shirt. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : yeah
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Now.. Look into your "My Inventory >> Clothing" and see if you have a new shirt in there. (^_^)
[08:41 PM] M C : im trying to go shirtless for a second so i can put on a different one
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways eeps. (o.o)
[08:41 PM] M C : i have one extra shirt
[08:41 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Okay.. Put that one on. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] M C : it doesnt shoe me
[08:42 PM] M C : show*
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... (=_=)
[08:42 PM] M C : it is under the grey one
[08:42 PM] Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition) whispers: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Prokofy Neva) [Obj. Name: Oh Snap! -- Picture Cork Board (Wall Edition)]: Board has been cleared and reset by owner request.
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Okay. (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: You should be able to right click it and select "wear". (^_^)
[08:42 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[08:43 PM] Desmond Shang is Online
[08:43 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Murmini Writer (19m)
[08:43 PM] M C : yeah
[08:43 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: After that, you should be able to right click the old shirt and select "Take Off". (^_^)
[08:43 PM] M C : i seen something happen but i cant find the other shirt to take off
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: There is a search bar on the top of your inventory window... If you enter "(Worn" in there, it'll find the items you have on. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It acts like a filter. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The parenthesis is important, though. (^_^)
[08:44 PM] M C : yeah i just tried that and it only showsas one shirt on
[08:44 PM] M C : shows*
[08:45 PM] M C : i remove it and it still is on
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Right.. That's the one you're wearing... Odds are, you haven't worn the other shirt yet. (^_^)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmmm. Lag? (O.o)
[08:45 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Maybe lag.... if you've done it already... Second Life™ can be wonky sometimes. (>_<)
[08:46 PM] M C : did you get my friend request?
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Adventures in Inventory... They sure didn't make it easy, did they? (T_T)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm.. I didn't... Odd... Lemmee. (^_^)
[08:47 PM] M C : no they didnt
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Did that get through? (^_^)
[08:47 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha! Xd
[08:47 PM] M C : yeap
[08:47 PM] M C : so can i ask ur age?
[08:47 PM] M C : im 24
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yet another thing I don't tell. =^-^=
[08:48 PM] M C : thought so
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm silly that way. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] M C : thats respectable
[08:48 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh.. Probably. (^_^)
[08:48 PM] Prokofy Neva: Imnotgoing Sideways is playing a creepy child avatar. She's actually been banned from this entire area but it's not possible to ban from this public place so I'll just try an abuse report for the child get up with the BDSM collar.
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... This is my adult avatar. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Likely the Lindens will say this is politically correct, but it's worth publicizing as ugly and annoying anyway.
[08:49 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Annjella Allen (15m)
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Robot, actually. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: yeah, one would hate to see the child avatars she's got if she thinks this is her adult avatar
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: read her creepy profile, ugh
[08:49 PM] M C : you got banned?
[08:49 PM] Mercyblu Moorsider is Online
[08:49 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw... Never been banned. (^_^)
[08:49 PM] Prokofy Neva: Banned from these surrounding parcels, yes BANNED because she disrupts events with a griefing group
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is a known quantity that is always pretending to be what it is not
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Well.. Yeah... I can't get into the mall parcels. (=_=)
[08:50 PM] Prokofy Neva: so you keep trying to publicize it, eventually she gets tripped up
[08:50 PM] M C : hostility?
[08:50 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: brinda Allen (15m)
[08:50 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's the thing... I really don't do that stuff. But, no need arguing it here. (=_=)
[08:51 PM] M C : im lost anyway
[08:51 PM] brinda Allen: hi Prok
[08:51 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's another facet of SL... Drama... People feed off of it in anonymous virtual envrironments. (=_=)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: No notes on the board
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: it's not about drama, it's about declaring creepy little ageplay kids as creepy and annoying and asking them to leave and go on their own considerable number of sims rather than deliberately coming here to harass and annoy
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: we all see what IMG is up to, it's an old story
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: pretend innocence, fly around in creepy child avatars, say "But the Lindens let me" blah blah blah, creep creepy stuff
[08:52 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: M Z (15m)
[08:52 PM] brinda Allen: ah...Ok i think ill go
[08:52 PM] Prokofy Neva: well the Woodbury goons leave up annoying notices brinda so I take them doine, it's suppoesd to be open to the public not their personal playground to be annoying
[08:53 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I'll be quiet for now. MulThai... Remember what I said about search and landmarks. I do hope you work out inventory. (^_^)y
[08:54 PM] M C : i am on your side sideways....i dont know the other dude
[08:54 PM] M C : you seem helpful to me
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No no... No taking sides. (>_<)
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: yes MulThai well, you have to read the back story and then you won't have that superficial impression
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: but start by simply reading the profile
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: This is personal drama... Nothing more. (^_^)
[08:54 PM] M C : i meant that i dont care what convos happen
[08:54 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Aha.. Good deal. =^-^=
[08:54 PM] Prokofy Neva: No, it's perfectly legitimate civic protest against somebody who is connivingly disruptive
[08:54 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Ali Tiraxibar (15m)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: with their little faux innocent =^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^==^-^= crap lol
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Disruptive... Heh. (=_=)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: what a shtick, anyone can see through it
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: look at the profile
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Just listen for the bell and look for the little nakie one. I respond to "Immy". =^-^=
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: I like makeing smilies.. They're fun.. It's a bit of a reflex. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: er, nakie one? huh?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: XD
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: Currenttly a persocom programmed by matron Rune Ixchel. Any questions, complaints, or comments should be adressed to her. (^_^)y
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Though.. I'm in a dress today. (>_<)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: a naked child and a BDSM sub?
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: hello?
[08:55 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Naw.. Not a child... Just a little lady. (^_^)
[08:55 PM] Prokofy Neva: that's um...not even appropriate for the Zindra continent?
[08:56 PM] Redux Densmith is Offline
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this: What little things crawl underground? Little creepy things, are what. Odd happenings occur when this thing comes above ground. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: or this I'm just asking for too much attention from too few people.

I assume I'm unwanted by default.
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. That's my little avatar. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: you just read it, and you can see what you are ealing with
[08:56 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Kaesa Whybrow (15m)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: *dealing with
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: It's an old character. (^_^)
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: sickness
[08:56 PM] Prokofy Neva: and a cry for attention with wheedling manipulation
[08:56 PM] Marianne McCann is Online
[08:56 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Chobiimmy is the character I'm taking on now.. I like Chobits. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: so MulThai, if hanging out with "little ladies" who are BDSM children is your thing, well, um, ok I'll leave you to it
[08:57 PM] M C : bdsm?
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: sado masochism
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: the collar etc
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: she is the sub or slave or a domme
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: That's one someone popular facet of SL... People like to explore things. (^_^)
[08:57 PM] M C : ?????
[08:57 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: somewhat*
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: oh well you'll figture it out
[08:57 PM] Floor: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Unknown / b967ea90-4356-45eb-b867-842a4116584e) [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: (Owner: Jessica Ornitz)+ [Obj. Name: Floor]: Your home point is set to this land region or sim.
[08:57 PM] Prokofy Neva: this is PG, I'm not required to explain
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Don't worry about him. (^_^)
[08:58 PM] M C : okay?
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: The fun part is... I'm gonna show up on a blog again. =^-^=
[08:58 PM] M C : great first appearance......
[08:58 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: No kidding. (=_=)
[08:58 PM] M C : what did you do?
[08:58 PM] M C : you must be popular
[08:59 PM] Imnotgoing Sideways: Mostly? I help and teach. (^_^

Who was disrupting who? I'll say no more. (^_^)y

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kink isn't sex(?) Kids can kink(?)

This interesting little snippet came from a rather heated thread about a kid AV that asked if skin defects can be made by wearing a prim collar. (^_^)


Fri, 06 Nov 2009 01:27:18 -0500
We have solved your issue
Hello H*** H***,
As we posted in our blog about Age Play, every report will be handled on a case-by-case basis. However, if there is
nothing sexual at all about the actions being taken, then I do not see any reason that you could not partake in the
actions you mention. I would make sure that if you do choose to partake in this that you are extremely careful and
not venture into the sensual/sexual side of bondage with child avatars.
Arch Linden

Ticket Information:
Ticket #: 4051-6977848
Date Created: 11/4/2009 2:39 PM PDT
Details: There is no official policy statement on whether a child av is permitted to participate in the
activity described below.
NONSEXUAL bondage rp using cuffs, collars, cages, cells, leashes, blindfolds and gags to control, isolate, and
restrain the child av. Genital regions are fully covered before, during, after rp. No depiction of, reference to, or
description of sexual penetration, orgasm, sexual arousal, genitalia or fluid exchange before, during, or after rp.


Apparently, Arch Linden's response is a "Yeah, cool, gag and chain up all you want. Just, don't turn it sexual." Heh... An eyebrow raiser to be sure. =^-^=

To a certain extent, I must agree. There are parts of BDSM and D/s that have NOTHING to do with sexual arousal. While that's the common thought, many BDSM implements came from items the served a medical purpose. So, the idea of putting a ballgag in someone's mouth realy isn't intrinsically sexual. Humiliating, restricting, uncomfortable... Yes. But, surely, it would seriously have to be that person's "thing" to just outright spoo from wearing a ballgag alone. (^_^)

Still. Is this an indicator or reduced sensitivity to kid avatar issues from Linden Lab? Or, it it just common sense kicking in? I wonder, how does this weigh in with the lab's decision to allow kid AVs in Zindra as long as they continue to obey the clarified (sexual)ageplay rules? (^_^)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome back, Tat! =^-^=

Got a little good news / bad news from the NCI front. (^_^)

Bad news: Gramma Fiddlesticks has stepped down from her position in NCI. These past couple months have surely been stressful for her. I can imagine; combining the turmoil of recent events, managing the people that make the group run, and dealing with the people who have a thing or two to say about how NCI 'should' be run. (>_<)

She's been great. Having taken on a position she didn't want in order to try and maintain the stability that makes NCI so great. And really sacrificing a large chunk of her life to serve the new resident of Second Life. In addition, she often offered me a shoulder to cry on for my own troubled times when I was being bombarded with slander and hate mail to the point where I was willing to blame myself for situations I had completely no control over. (T_T)

Frankly, that made her the best person for the job, in my eyes. Kind, caring, and willing to serve. She was the right person, in the right place, at the right time to keep the NCI community afloat since the events of August. She is still a friend, and a great one. Her role in NCI will be missed. (T_T)

Good news: Her replacement is Tateru Nino. Having come out of "retirement"... or "sabbatical"... which ever word you chose... She's now taking the executive reins. I've chatted with her a couple times and have been a frequent reader of her blogs. She has been in NCI from all the way back when Brace Coral was running the show. From what I have seen, she is just as trustworthy and hard working as anyone we've had. I fully support her return and hope to become a friend of her's as time goes by. =^-^=

At the same time, a few coordinating roles have been revised and filled with new people in order to give Gramma a break. It's not so much a re-organization as it's simply filling roles to keep things in motion. All in all, NCI is still strong and continues to be the best new resident support organization SL has ever had. (^_^)

For more, read up on Tateru's blog pose here: Everything old is new again. (^_^)y