Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frigg'n ARed for ageplay! (T_T)

Now I'm dressing up much less kid like. I've gone and made a big shape. And last week, I made myself digital. Like, totally a robot cyborg toy with a USB jack and all. So, no more kid Immy? Yeah, I guess, once in a while. (>_<)

So.... Last week... This week... I'm a USB Robot Toy... Okay.. Not a kid avatar. I'm hanging out my favorite sandbox, NCI Kuula. Heck, I'm an instructor there, it makes sense that I stick around. Then... My FAVORITE event the Blitz Build is starting... I get my grid-crash-protection box out, pack myself inside, and get to building. Then.... *Ding* You've been logged off of Second Life! (>_<)

I was frigg'n ARed and suspended for ageplay! (>_<)

How does a frigg'n robot become a kid and make bouncy-bouncy!?!?! (>_<)

GAH!!! (>_<)

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