Sunday, April 25, 2010

@Prokofy - You're jumping at shadows. (=_=)

RE: Put Mute and Block in Avatars United

It's becoming far more obvious that I'm banned from commenting on Second Thoughts because Prok wants to hide the truth. (=_=)

I have never offered you a friend request. I don't want to be your friend. And, I have never done anything "repeatedly" upon you. You call, I respond. You lie, I clarify. You scream "conspiracy", I say "shut up!". (=_=)

So... I wake up to this in my offlines:

[23:17] Cristalle Karami: I don't know what you did to Prok, but he has mistaken me for your alt.
[23:21] Cristalle Karami: thinks I'm harassing him and stalking him, and he muted me when i had a legitimate business question.

All apologies to Cristalle for the use of her name. (._.)

I will reply to her directly once I get inworld and let her know the kind of paranoid and dishonest freak you are. (=_=)

Prok; you want me muted so your lies go unchallenged. I will continue to challenge your lies. Plugging your ears and going "commie-commie-commie-commie-commie" will get you nowhere. (=_=)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Reply From Scout.

I'm placing this here just in case the reply is deleted.

Reference: Second Thoughts

"As for service and soldiering if he is playing that card he needs to post his name, rank, unit, home base, commander, xo, and first sergeant for verification purposes."

Who would you be to make any verification? Is this situation really that important that I need to disclose my chain of command so that you can discuss my alleged online video game crimes with my "boss"?

If you can name actual events where I have been cited in violation of the TOS, while employed by the military, then sure by all means, go ahead, email me and I'll give you their names. There is none. What I do with my personal time is up to me as long as it does not bring discredit on the Military. Building a refrigerator, which is in accordance with the TOS, like all of my actions, is in no way bringing discredit upon anyone.

My command would look at this and comment like those of "AnnOtoole" with confusion and probably ignore it. Woodbury has as much to do with real communism as playing counterstrike as the Soviet side does. People play as the OPFOR in video games all the time, with far more defamation, use of foul language, and inhumane comments than you'll ever find in typical Woodbury conversation. There is no agenda, manifesto or guidelines for building and playing a game the way Woodbury does. There is no real world conspiracy here.

People know what I am like in real life, and you only know how I was when I had time to play Second Life, which was ages ago and lately in no capacity (logging on 30 seconds at a time on a 14k connection is no way to "play"). People will ultimately choose to judge the person they know in the real world, and measure me by my merits and values.

I said my piece, and I also asked Prokofy to remove my website and real name from the letter so as not to invade on the privacy of myself and my Wife. A test of Prokofy's values. Is it worth slandering my real character for your article, or can you leave that out of it.


"There is no real world conspiracy here." (>_<)

Woodbury University Gone. Does anyone care? (._.)


I do. (._.)

I was first introduced to the group by Scout back when NCI was getting raided by W-hats. We were dealing with a particularly abusive mob when Aley/Arcadia came back as an alt to see how things were going. That day I joined the group and was introduced to some of the most intelligent, creative, and fun-loving people I've ever met... Who are unafraid to have a good stupid laugh. (^_^)

I stood my ground for the good people of the group when I faced being shunned for association in a situation that nearly dismantled NCI. (>_<)

I called bloggers on their lies in regards to the activities of my friends and myself in relation to the group. (>_<)

I'd visit the sandbox once in a while and I enjoyed the gifts of scripts, outfits, pictures, textures, and other creative offerings that were given out in group notices. The place was beautiful. From highly detailed and imposing military weaponry, to well crafted vehiciles, to sim-scale construction projects that were marvels of quality, effeciency, and ingenuity. (^_^)

But. That's gone now. Anyone who could have gone to Concierge support about it has been summarily terminated. The sims are shut down. The mainland parcels have been force-abandoned. And the group, itself, has been technically deleted. It's currently in the limbo-ish state that the SL Mentors group was in when that group was purged. (._.)

So, who cares? People like me who saw beyond the facade of fearmongering and old-world politics. I will find other ways to contact my friends. Still... A chill has hit the grid. Second Life has become a little less fun this week. (T_T)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SL RP - The making of a persocom. <(^_^)>

So... What's this funny stuff on my head? What's all this talk about recharging, CPU, and interfaces? What is a persocom? (^_^)

The simple answer is that a Persocom is a "Personal Computer" in Japanese-ish. Okay, end of story. Bye now. =^-^=

But... That didn't look like a desktop of any kind. (O.o)

It's Chii, of the story Chobits. A Japanese lolicon Manga turned Anime published and broadcast around 2001 and 2002. The story revolves around a parallel of today's modern times with one caveat, computers are now constructed in humanoid form... And, they're bloody expensive! DX

Having computers in humanoid form, the story was able to weave a tale of criticism about people's addiction and "love" for technology without making the story too heavy. At the same time, the key players in the story were able to be presented in a love tale that parallels taboo relationships and learning to accept people for who they are. (^_^)

You can read more about Chobits by following the Manga or checking out the Wikipedia site. (^_^)

Uhm... Where does Second Life come in? (O.o)

In Second Life, it's become quite obvious that we can make our avatars into anything. As I've been exploring, I've turned from kid AV, to adult AV, to mermaid, and I've recently settled on Persocom. I spend a lot of my time on a dollification sim named The Doll Works and many of my friends have taken on some sort of doll, gynoid, or Persocom form. (^_^)

So, in SL, when you hear "Human" you expect to see a regular flesh&bones being. When you hear "Furry" you expect some sort of fuzzy anthro. What should you expect to see when you hear "Persocom"? ... (O.o)

That gets difficult. (^_^)

See... In the story of Chobits, Persocoms were shown to take on many forms. From a perfectly natural 16 year old girl, to an 8 year old boy, to a lingerie clad housemaid, to a palm-sized genie. What, what can a Persocom be? Anything! (^o^)

And, that's the best part. While some people think they have to limit themselves to a certain type or ear-pod or eye pattern, the truth is Persocoms have taken on designs of any form an type. Even the ear pods can be dynamic. There were a few Persocoms in the Chobits story that didn't appear to have pods at all. So, it's not all about what you bulk up on your head. =^-^=

At the same time, there is an attractive "Cyber" aspect to Persocoms. The idea of having USB cables flailing around, needing charging cycles to remain mobile, or even including blatantly obvious sensory systems are all possibilities. (^_^)

In addition, being a Persocom pretty much makes for no-limits roleplay. In the story, plenty of hints were laid out to indicate that Persocoms in general were constructed to be anatomically correct. So, stripping your Persocom of its clothing would reveal... *ahem!*... hardware (software?). =^-^=

So, hey! That's what I've been doing for a while. I haven't taken on the "Chii" image Persocom much as I've tended to prefer a more retro appearance using some customized items I got from LPP. So... Look for the ear pods to be on top of my head, coolant pipes to litter my back, and hollowed out eyes revealing a roster of vacuum tubes and a pair of web-cams to fill out my optical needs. (^_^)

Most of the time, I often describe myself as a "cyberdoll" simply because it's a more broadly grasped term. But, none the less, I'm reenacting one of my favorite characterizations to ever fill my Manga shelf. (^_^)y

Thursday, April 8, 2010

LULZing at teh edumacatered ones. =^-^=

I just finished a project to prove that the R&D team screwed up on the backlight inverter design. I was assisted partially by a nearby engineer just to be sure I was getting things right. The experiment lasted about a week and was a matter of me tuning an alternative inverter so that it would stably deliver the peak current allowed to maintain the 50kH lifetime the bulb specifies. (^_^)

This engineer has been consistently confrontational and spent a lot of time discouraging each stage of the process by pointing out that he believes I lack the experience to properly manage the tasks to come. (=_=)

I just sent out images of the final waveforms comparing my modded circuit to an off-the-shelf unmodded board. (^_^)

He sends me an Email. "This is why we need someone from R&D present. Some of these waveforms are completely unacceptable." DX

I respond. "I know. Those 'unacceptable' wave forms are from the default unmodified circuit." XD

BCC to his boss. =^-^=

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anyway... Who could turn down freebies like this? ...


Now... Where mah BDSM at?! =^-^=

Mincing words over words. (^_^)

In reply to a comment here:

A cuff is an extra layer of fabric at the lower edge of the sleeve of a garment covering the arms. In US usage the word may also refer to the end of the leg of a pair of trousers. The functional purpose of turned cuffs is to protect the material from fraying and, when frayed, to allow the cuffs to be repaired or replaced without major changes to the garment.

Cuffs may be made by turning back the material, or a separate band of material may be sewn on or worn separately attached by buttons or studs. A cuff may show an ornamental border, or have an addition of lace or other trimming.

If Prokkie would just un-ban me from his blargh... Oh well. He likes being wrong and silencing voices of dissent. (^_^)y

Friday, April 2, 2010

The makings of PG BDSM? (^_^)

In response to this blog post... (^_^)

Linden Lab has given us a glimpse of the new New User Experience via DiscoveryIslandPublic. In this island is little mentions of what SL is about. In it, there's a freebie store of some items made by some very reputable content creators in my point of view. (^_^)

One of them is Curious Kitties. They're a great maker of outfits for EGL, Elf, Furry, Goth, and Child AV outfits. Most clothing has a dark and simple theme. The avatars and skins are surely Asian influenced. And, overall, it's a fun store/sim to visit. (^_^)

So, Linden Lab sees this popularity and decides to offer some of the store's items to the new resident public for free. Nothing wrong with that, no? I know I nabbed ALL the outfits. =^-^=

So... What's the harm in that? Well... Teh mad blogger decided arm bands and a puffy neck shirt is BDSM gear. ORLY? (O.o)

So, gothy fashion clothing that's available on a PG sim in a PG store and now made available for free on a PG new resident region is BDSM gear? Meh. Someone's gotta change their meds. (^_^)y