Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Reply From Scout.

I'm placing this here just in case the reply is deleted.

Reference: Second Thoughts

"As for service and soldiering if he is playing that card he needs to post his name, rank, unit, home base, commander, xo, and first sergeant for verification purposes."

Who would you be to make any verification? Is this situation really that important that I need to disclose my chain of command so that you can discuss my alleged online video game crimes with my "boss"?

If you can name actual events where I have been cited in violation of the TOS, while employed by the military, then sure by all means, go ahead, email me and I'll give you their names. There is none. What I do with my personal time is up to me as long as it does not bring discredit on the Military. Building a refrigerator, which is in accordance with the TOS, like all of my actions, is in no way bringing discredit upon anyone.

My command would look at this and comment like those of "AnnOtoole" with confusion and probably ignore it. Woodbury has as much to do with real communism as playing counterstrike as the Soviet side does. People play as the OPFOR in video games all the time, with far more defamation, use of foul language, and inhumane comments than you'll ever find in typical Woodbury conversation. There is no agenda, manifesto or guidelines for building and playing a game the way Woodbury does. There is no real world conspiracy here.

People know what I am like in real life, and you only know how I was when I had time to play Second Life, which was ages ago and lately in no capacity (logging on 30 seconds at a time on a 14k connection is no way to "play"). People will ultimately choose to judge the person they know in the real world, and measure me by my merits and values.

I said my piece, and I also asked Prokofy to remove my website and real name from the letter so as not to invade on the privacy of myself and my Wife. A test of Prokofy's values. Is it worth slandering my real character for your article, or can you leave that out of it.


"There is no real world conspiracy here." (>_<)

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