Sunday, April 25, 2010

@Prokofy - You're jumping at shadows. (=_=)

RE: Put Mute and Block in Avatars United

It's becoming far more obvious that I'm banned from commenting on Second Thoughts because Prok wants to hide the truth. (=_=)

I have never offered you a friend request. I don't want to be your friend. And, I have never done anything "repeatedly" upon you. You call, I respond. You lie, I clarify. You scream "conspiracy", I say "shut up!". (=_=)

So... I wake up to this in my offlines:

[23:17] Cristalle Karami: I don't know what you did to Prok, but he has mistaken me for your alt.
[23:21] Cristalle Karami: thinks I'm harassing him and stalking him, and he muted me when i had a legitimate business question.

All apologies to Cristalle for the use of her name. (._.)

I will reply to her directly once I get inworld and let her know the kind of paranoid and dishonest freak you are. (=_=)

Prok; you want me muted so your lies go unchallenged. I will continue to challenge your lies. Plugging your ears and going "commie-commie-commie-commie-commie" will get you nowhere. (=_=)


eloralunasea said...

I know Cristelle to some degree, met her when I first rezzed in 2007. We're not friends by any means, but I certainly know her character and reputation.

The thought that she is your alt, is utterly ridiculous.

Ghosty said...

Prok is a drama queen. Who cares who your alt is or isn't, really?

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

This whole mess is getting to me. What bugs me most is that there's now collateral damage involved. Regardless of how the connection is made, someone is said to be my alt, and in some ways her SL experience may change. (._.)

People who would have treated her nicely before may reconsider as she might be me. She may already be preemptively put on ban lists as a "griefer alt" now as a result of empty suspicions. (>_<)

It's a mess. I don't know what to do about it. (T_T)

porfirio said...

Immy, it's not YOUR problem, it's Prokofy's.
You just keep on doing what you're doing... move forward with what you want.
Let Prokofy sit and wallow in his impotent rage, insane obsession, towering paranoia, and unexplainable sense of entitlement.

Alec said...

I've thought about it for a moment and can't think of a single twisted individual who might change their outlook toward that other person according to some tabloid-worthy eyeball grab Prok may have spewed forth.

Even the regular responders to her stuff appear to view her as a wart on the ass of pixel society (when they feel safe and comfortable... those courageous icons), so I suspect you might be be assigning more importance to her unemployed batshit ravings than is deserved.