Monday, May 24, 2010

I've run out of smiles.

My Google Alert results on my AV name returned me a link to a Greasemonkey source site where someone submitted a script designed to remove my emoticons from my forum posts.

This, combined with drama being stirred in my inworld friendships and what seems to be a general consensus drives me to one conclusion.

The emoticons started as a chat board gag when people were bugging me about my punctuation and capitalization. I'm a skilled typist. I don't chat in 1337 or txtish. I make complete sentences and punctuate them properly. People reacted as if I was slowing down chat or making it hard to keep up. As a result, I responded to them by embellishing my chat with emotes. A sort of showing off my own typing speed even when proper grammar and spelling were used.

In time, the emotes defined my chat. I was able to reflexively utilize a roster of different appearances to indicate my current mood and intent for each line I wrote. Anyone who has chatted with me inworld in SL, in Gtalk, or remembers me from prior AIM and YIM accounts, in addition to co-workers reading my lighter Emails can attest that they've never slowed me down.

But, of all places, SL and SL related forums; I've received a lot of flak for using them. I came to SL to create the social life I never had. In effect, it seems I was never meant to have a social life, as what I've developed here is almost as bad as my experience in high school.

So, to me, it's "Your world. Your imagination. Just not you."

Part of me is shutting down.

I hope someone receives pleasure from this.


Brinda said...

Immy...Come on, you know it's impossible to keep everyone happy. Actually it's impossible to keep everyone happy even part the time.
Personally I've loved the smileys, it has been a big part of your communication.

{"You made Immy go big eyes,(O__O)"

That was funny =^..^=
If you choose to stop using it because you have decided that it's something YOU choose to not do, not because of any perceived pressure/whatever from outside of you.

Milla Janick said...

What you really need are new emoticons that evade their filter.

Lady-Succubus said...


Wol said...

I'm sorry to hear that the bastards have beaten you, Immy. It's such a pity whena minority seems to take such pleasure in enforcing its arbitrary and petty-minded standards on everyone else. Do what you feel is right, and to hell with the doubters. It's just their special and rather sad way of having fun.

Ghosty said...

Tell them all to suck eggs. Those emoticons are like your trademark. They're a part of your online persona. I wouldn't buckle to any of that crap for a moment.

Especially since, if someone bitches, you can just point them to the greasemonky script and tell them to suck it up.

You're too nice to the wrong people, me thinks.

Spankety Spankety said...

I thought it was pretty funny honestly.

Natsuki said...

Immy, dont let a few loud mouths get you down. I, for one, love your little emoticons and glimpses in to how you are feeling.

Be yourself ^ ^ Y

Brinda said...

Checkin' back in...
It's interesting how many love ya... and we don't say much, we don't have to.
I have the greatest respect for those that choose their own path.

Kitsy said...

Immy without smiles is not Immy. Let one of your alts run out of smiles instead.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I don't know what to do.

Kitsy said...

Immy, you did know "what to do" when you wrote the entry, even though the commenters didn't agree with it. What has changed? If you really do want to stop smiling, then you wouldn't be confused now. What feels right to you?

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I just see that "me" and the things I want tend to cause trouble. I don't want to cause trouble. I'm not a bad person.

Kitsy said...

If you're not bad, then why change?

Trouble requires at least two people: the person doing something and the person that declares it to be trouble.

Immy, just be happy.

Wol said...

Haters will always find something to hate: if it weren't your emotes, it would be your shoes. That is how they deal with their own inner shallowness and the fear that they are not "special."

In other words: giving up your emotes to make them happy, will not make them happy -- so don't. Click on the mental mute button and let them amuse themselves in their own sad way.