Monday, August 31, 2009

"Fun" Show&Tell event last night...

I've been substituting for the Sunday night Show&Tell events for a few weeks now. For the host, it's a very active event. While you're seeing an avatar just standing there, what's going on in the background is someone working in Excel, Photoshop, SL IMs, group chats, and trying to time manage each presenter to prevent the event itself from becoming an endless wait for the next question. (>_<)

Then, you get what I got last night. A one, McLickingAlot Ying, decided it would be fun to particle, sound, and chat spam the event. He was orbiting guests and presenters and pretty much simply causing a ruckus. In any other NCI location, he could have been easily dealt with via Banlink or a classroom security orb. But, none of those resources were available. I was basically left requesting an estate ban on the guy in the Land Holdings group. I pretty much got it about half way through the event. (^_^)

None the less, the event went on all the way to the end and we saw some impressive items. =^-^=

Still, I can see that I've developed no fan club due to recent events. One person in particular (maybe two) decided that the event should be turned into a Q&A session over why the event was like the "Good old, more innocent times" and how the event and crowd were 'influenced' by Woodbury. Even taking a snipe at my promotion of the NCI mall by asking how many items for sale were from "Real people and not WU goons". (=_=)

Well... The event was hosted entirely by me, and each presenter was selected simply on the basis that they IMed me and were more than 90 days inworld. In addition, the mall has been managed entirely by me and each seller was selected simply on the basis that tney IMed me and were under 120 days inworld. Spewing such conspiracy theories otherwise turns out to be a grand way to erode your perceived integrity. (=_=)

So, in spite of spammings, orbitings, detractors, and the general madness of what it is to be griefed in SL... It was a pretty darned good show. (^_^)y

Friday, August 28, 2009

From the ashes(?)

As many people have well heard, Carl has left NCI. But, not before a mass exodus of officers, directors, helpers, and such.

As a result, the directors and officers of NCI have gathered to try to rescue the group. From what I see, the community is showing its strength. To quote a friend:

[07:02 PM] ** **: Everyone who is here came because they are interested, or they care, or both.

NCI is in the process of being rebuilt. I hope to see it become the wonderful place I landed in when I first arrived in SL.

What is the goal in this?

[2009/08/27 19:44] Carl Metropolitan: I sent it to NCI, NCI Land Holdings, Caledon Oxbridge, and Caledon Oxbridge University group
[2009/08/27 19:45] ** **: never got to my account..
[2009/08/27 19:45] Carl Metropolitan: I wanted to maximize the number of people who could resign in disgust.

Is this someone considering the benefit of the community? Is this how you help Second Life's New Citizen?

I'm spent. I can't take this anymore.

To NCI: Goodbye.

Words fail me...

NCI Policy: Griefer Groups & NCI Officers

Effective Tuesday September 1st 2009, no one may hold a position of responsibility at NCI (Land Officer, Helper, Board Member, Manager) while being a member of a hate group or a griefer group. Anyone who is a member of any such group needs to leave that group or leave NCI. If someone holding a position of responsibility at NCI joins such a group, when that affiliation is discovered by NCI management, they will be given a warning and asked to leave either that group or NCI. If they choose to stay in the griefer or hate group, they will be removed from their position of responsibility at NCI.

For the purposes of this policy, the following groups are considered to be hate and/or griefer groups:

Woodbury University (and associated groups)
Patriotic Nigras (and associated groups)

Additional groups may be added to this list when appropriate. Groups may be removed from this list when there is clear and compelling evidence that the group has stopped encouraging or tolerating hate and griefing activities.

Evidence for affiliation with a griefer or hate group shall consist of one or more of the following: 1) the presence of such a group in the Groups list of a person's Profile window, 2) public admission of membership in such a group, or 3) public and well-documented participation in griefing or hate activities alongside members of such groups. The Evidence section of this policy shall not be applied retroactively events or actions prior to 09-01-2009.


Now for some explanation:

For the past two weeks I've been more stressed about this than anything I've dealt with in the four years I've been running NCI. People on the BoD have very different beliefs about what should be done (if anything). I understand and sympathize with both sides of this issue. As I told Gramma last night, there is no good solution. The policy I am implementing is a bad solution. It's just what I believe to be the best bad solution.

I had been leaning towards the "ignore it and hope it will go away" solution. To be brutally honest, that usually works. However, over the past few days several things have occurred to push me to this decision.

First, I've learned that the Lindens who run the Community Gateway program are very strict on the issue of griefer groups. The appearance of tacit support by NCI for such groups could endanger Caledon Oxbridge. And since NCI Caledon is seen as an extension of Caledon Oxbridge, a policy of "Griefer group members okay on this side of this line, but not okay on the other side of this line" would likely (and reasonably) be seen as disingenuous equivocation.

Secondly, I've read the comments on Prokofy Neva's recent blog entries on the subject of Woodbury and other griefer groups. Over the last two days, multiple commenters associated with Woodbury have suggested he commit suicide. I'm sorry; I'm not going to tolerate that kind of evil shit anywhere near NCI. I don't care what anyone thinks of Prokofy, that's just beyond the pale.

Three, I've been amazingly stressed and depressed in RL and SL. I've been tearing myself up (among other things) by avoiding making a difficult decision. Avoiding doing what I knew was right, but would piss off people I cared for and respected. That's a bad reason not to do something. And it is a failure of leadership on my part. If I can't make the tough decisions, what does NCI need me for?

I know the policy above is going to upset some people. It goes against the well-considered advice of some of NCI's most active and vital officers. If you strongly disagree, I ask that you please give me the benefit of the doubt and accept this new policy. If you find you can not in good conscience do so, I will understand. This is a contentious issue that people of good will can disagree on.

However, this is a final decision. I'm acting in Executive Director mode. This is not an opening position for debate.

I'm sorry. I wish I had something better.


All I've been getting are copied letters of resignation and IMs saying "It's not your fault". At the moment, I'm too far spent to be able to comment.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who is the real liar? (=_=)

In regards to:

I won’t comment there, my stuff gets deleted. Frankly, any factual dissention pretty much gets deleted. (=_=)

I can pretty much second the quoted statements Intlibber made as quoted by Prok. I have quite a few documented events of harassment by W-hat goons. I was targeted by the group for a number of weeks as can be seen on their web site picture collection, up to the point where I got suspended by a false AR for (Sexual) ageplay. (>_<)

I remember being in an NCI Blitz Build event that was flooded by the group’s goons as a ‘cheerleading’ crowd for Orty. Much of the event was littered with huge amounts of lag due to their attachments and was persistently interrupted by their animations and gestures. Many of the statements were targeted at me, usually along the lines of “4chan GET OUT!” and such. (=_=)

WU, like 4chan, is a very open group... The only reason the group itself isn’t free to join is because of what we see here in the past week. There are people that want the group to not only appear bad, but even criminal. It is true, currently any member of WU can send a group invitation. With over 400 members, that’s 400 opportunities for just about anyone to join. And that’s still conservative by *chan standards. (^_^)

The *chan boards are completely wide open. You don’t have a user name. You don’t have a password. If you choose not to identify yourself, your name automatically becomes Anonymous. As a result, Anonymous is everybody. At the same time, Anonymous is nobody. Anonymous has been posting for years and Anonymous just posted this morning for the first time ever. Anonymous doesn’t have to take the blame for what Anonymous does, yet Anonymous is the only one capable of taking the blame. Such is the beast. (^_^)

... Which is why W-hat has a problem. W-hat is a group made of SomethingAwful forum members. Their membership rules require that someone be on the SA forums and that they didn’t join the SA forums simply for the sake of being in W-hat. It’s a controlled environment of relatively like-minded people. As I see them, it’s also a collection of elitists who not only follow the mantra “The internet makes you stupid” but also consider themselves to be above the petty meme dropping adolescent humor that shows up in the *chan boards. (=_=)

So, when Intlibber says Woodbury University faces hostility from W-hat, I believe it. I believe it because I see it. It exists in SL and on the respective web sites. (=_=)

Now, I have never actually met Intlibber. I’ve been in the same sim as him. But, he seemed to be having too much fun cussing at Tizzers for me to even consider approaching him. That and I continue to be an overanxious recluse, even online. (>_<)

Prokofy... You’re telling lies again. I know because I’ve seen you apply them to me. (>_<)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Okay... Who's the frigg'n griefer here? (=_=)

Yeah, we can be all la-dee-da that me and the group I'm in are all harassing and griefing and such. You know; I show up, say "hi", get parcel banned. All in a day's grief. I mean, who knows what I could have done. Something nefarious like saying "This place looks nice." =^-^=

But, when someone uses an alt to abuse someone in group chat with inflammatory remarks up to the point of receiving a suspension on their account... Naw, that's not the griefer. That's the victim we need to protect from all the naughty people. (=_=)

Bleagh. (=_=)

Have a nice day and enjoy your suspension. (^_^)y


A liberal is a conservative that hasn't been mugged yet.

A conservative is a liberal that hasn't been arrested yet.

I think everyone for their replies, on the forums, in SLU, and in person through IMs and forum PMs.

I have dealt with the subject on my own terms and have taken many things into consideration. As such, I wall make a statement.

ALL of the groups I'm in are griefer groups: Because in each group, I have observed someone giving another person grief. Emotional, technical, or psychological; it is still grief.

ALL of the groups I'm in are hate groups: Because in each group, I have observed someone expressing hate and intolerance.

ALL of the groups I'm in detract from the betterment of the SL experience: Because in each group, I have observed people spawning drama to the point where someone decides to leave SL and/or create an alt.

ALL of the groups I'm in reflect badly on me as a person: Because in regards to each group, someone has found something wrong with me due to my association in that group.

I have received suggestions that I simply hide the group. In regards to that, it would leave the remainder of my group list to pat them selves on the back for being the “better” 20 or so groups on my list.

As a result, in concluding this mess for myself, I will not leave any group I'm in.

What I will do is hide all my groups from being on display in my profile. If no one group can be on display because of the way it happens to “define” me; no groups can.

I am myself.

Does this sound irrational?

Does this sound illogical?

Am I making a rash decision because I'm making a big decision based on statements made by a person I should be best left ignoring?


But, I am only doing so because behind all this I am getting messages of people making the same irrational, illogical, and unreasonable decisions. As a result, I refuse to be defined by group affiliation at all, regardless of the group.

In saying this, I wish to conclude this discussion and request that the forum threads get locked. They have served their purpose.

Thank you all very much.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are we human? Or, are we griefer?

I warn you a head of time. TL-DR...

To start: I am Immy. I am my own person, embodied in an avatar. I am the maker and keeper of all of my own decisions. That said, I have a big decision to make. In addition, I fear that this decision is a lose-lose situation.

I am a member of NCI. To expand, I am a Helper in the New Citizen's Inc. group, I am an Instructor and Land Officer in the NCI Land Holdings group, and I am a Mall Manager in the New Citizen's Mall group. I teach one class a night, every Thursday night at 6pm. I co-host a Question and Answer event every Saturday night at 6pm. I am currently substituting for the host of the Show and Tell event every Sunday night.

I am also the creator of the NCI Spam Central *NO ADVERTISEMENTS* conversation group that allows more idle group chat so that the main group can remain an effective support portal for new and old residents alike.

In addition, I spend my time in the Kuula sandbox mingling with the crowd, my friends, and new residents. I have over a year long history of helping people, befriending people, building, scripting, and I won't deny my fair share of drama. I don't pretend to be a good person. I don't believe I am one. But, if someone says I'm worth while, I'll take them at their word. Numerous people have said so. So, I don't believe I'm in a position do deny it.

I am a member of Second Life Mentors. In addition to my time spent in NCI; I frequent infohubs, welcome areas, and help the random strangers I meet. I find fun in gesturebating my way through the mob and if someone asks for help I'll gladly face them and offer what resources I can for their benefit. Honestly, this is my idea of fun.

*** I think I've done plenty in attempt to duct-tape a halo over my head...

I am a member of Woodbury University. For those of you who don't know, WU is a group that contains people with common connections to the *chan culture, SA forums, and I think even Ebaums World. Many of these communities are older than SL. A less than liberal mind would consider them to be the gutter of the internet. In some cases, proudly so.

I personally was an anonymous poster to 7chan for quite a few years. The spark to convince me to join SL was a screenshot of the Windlight First Look client posted on 7chan. I had made attempts to join SL since beta, but, never had the computer to do it. That screenshot combined with some disposable income at the time was enough to finally pull me inworld for a second time and finally make the account you see here today. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but, up until SL5B I used to maintain the group tag over my head reading /cake/.

I'm in the group because it's an inworld contact to people that share my commonly twisted sense of humor. Group notices contain new gestures. Group chat is funny, random, insane and a good diversion from the 'normalcy' usually found in SL. I'll visit the group sandboxes once in a while and play with some gadgets that I normally can't play with anywhere else on the grid.

It's a diverse group. I know the reputation the group has due to the treatment of a certain mad blogger. I have been told details and history of some horrible events. So, I'm more than prepared to believe that there is a large number of A-holes and psychopaths in the group. My thing is, in my point of view, they don't make up the entire group.

For argument's sake, the Roman Catholic church knowingly has priests and volunteers that molest children. As a result, I believe in Association Fallacy and personally can't libel an entire group because of the activities of one portion of it's members, even if the group as a whole doesn't vilify these members for their behavior.

*** Now... Why bring all this up?

I have been blogged about in regards to my membership in both groups. In this blog, I have been both described as a sort of supergriefer/hacker who joins 'grief posses' in order to disrupt discussions. I'm apparently 'evading bans' using my 'hacker nature'. This blogger has stated that I repeatedly have been seen in 'posses' and made multiple attempts to disrupt events. This blogger has connected me to gangs of bobbing and weaving avatars dropping particles and self-replicating cubes.

Because of all this, the blogger considers me to be a liability to NCI. I am referred to as some sort of griefer/recruiter that puts a legitimizing face on an evil group that doesn't deserve daylight in many peoples' points of view.

The details can be found on this person's blog and my own. I have made attempts to comment on the blog with as much fact as I have available and nearly each response has been deleted. So, I'm having to resort to other outlets to keep the story straight. Nobody has to believe me, I don't ask for that.

To make my own statement here, and reiterate what I've already said in my blog and in responses to that person's blog:

I don't grief.

I didn't go to that person to disrupt. Two of the three times, that person came to me. One of the times, I was genuinely helping two other people navigate the Freebie Wall inside an NCI infonode. Honestly, the other bannings didn't bother me a bit. But, to ban me for helping others under the pretense that I'm in some griefing mob just doesn't fly with me.

*** On to my question:

I'm in Catch-22 now. I see three choices.

Choice 1: Leave Woodbury University.

Pros: It would sever my association with what people strongly believe to be a griefer group. It may lift some peoples' opinions of me in regard to my personality. It would “prove the blogger wrong” to a certain degree.

Cons: I don't think it will solve a thing. What's done is done. I have been vilified and the publicity of both groups will not change. I am who I am if I am in the group or not and with or without people may continue to assume that I am influenced by WU. In addition, people may believe I am influencing NCI in order to turn it into a griefer haven. Me leaving the group will not change this. At the same time, WU is diverse. I and many other people are examples that there are facets of *chan culture that are often overlooked. If I leave, I'll be letting the people that blatantly ignore this “win”.

Choice 2: Leave NCI.

Pros: It would sever the most visible 'legitimizing link' between WU and NCI. It will shift the opinions of detractors of both groups. It will allow the “good guys” to claim their “win”.

Cons: NCI will lose a volunteer, or two, or three, or more... In my wake. I have friends in all circles of NCI and they respect and support me. As a reaction to my exit, they may decide that the group has lost its sense of direction and also leave. If I am genuinely an asset to the group, my one exit alone will leave a dent. My exit may also bolster my falsely derived reputation of me being a griefer. The people who have decided to make up false stories about me would be able to pat themselves on the back in their own reward for 'separating the chaff'.

Choice 3: Ignore all of this and don't change a thing.

Pros: Things can be as they were two weeks ago. I can have my laugh in the WU group chat, help new residents in the NCI nodes and sandboxes, play with gadgets in the WU sandboxes, and teach lessons and host events that help new users get oriented into enjoying SL far better than any effort Linden Lab has ever paid someone to do.

Cons: NCI may still be a target of 'anti griefer' ramblings on blogs. People may decide to no longer direct new residents to the group for help. Advertisers and supporters may pull their funding into the group.

***So, what am I to do?

In the end, this mad blogger will still be a willing target of some of the most horrible harassment I've ever heard of in person. With or without the WU group. There will always be someone 'out to get this person' as long as this person is so very public and stubborn about controversial opinions. At the same time, this person exaggerates to a huge degree what people are actually doing. My own case, as an example. And, in my point of view, it detracts from this person's credibility to a very large degree. You can only cry wolf for so long.

I asked a question in a small meeting last night. “Who is the most important person to NCI?”

I was frankly quite shocked at the responses I got. The names given in reply were not all that surprising. But, in my point of view, that question is NOT supposed to be answered with any one person's name.

My answer to the question is in the name of the group itself: The New Citizen.

Do new citizens, residents, users, players (use any name you like) know anything about me? Do they know the groups I'm in? Should it matter at all?

I have suggested that the NCI group should be focused on the community that makes up the sandbox. That community is made up of new residents, older regulars, helpers new and old, and the supporting staff they need to stay productive. The most important part of the New User Experience is the new user. NCI is genuinely part of the NUE and I believe it to be a disservice to hold the group and anyone within the group (including myself) responsible for anything in regards to grid oldbie politics at large.

Thank you for reading, if you did.

I will not defend myself against any genuine claims of bad behaviour. But, I will not allow myself to be lied about.

I will not stake claim upon being a good person. But, I will not sit idly by while I'm slandered.

I want to see NCI and organizations like NCI succeed in helping the new resident. And, I do not want to see oldbie politics be the cause of any group's downfall.

Immy. (^_^)y

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In response to...

Duplicate post to my response in:

In saying "In griefing group" are you saying my avatar was a member of a crowd of avatars causing trouble? That never happened. Each time I received a ban, I arrived on my own. What "group" I may have been in is simply a name on my groups list. In fact, you have provided proof that I was alone. In the chat log of your July 11th post about Anonymous avatars, there is a single avatar eject:

[18:37] Avatar ejected.

This coincides perfectly with my own personal chat log:

[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

So, whatever "posse" you're describing simply doesn't exist.

At the same time, I'm not actually aware of any technical means of getting around or evading bans. Are you referring to Linden Lab account suspension and/or termination? I don't evade those, I simply don't violate the TOS/CS. That's all.

Also, what grief build and where is Ravenglass? I don't really pay attention to sim names so I don't know if I've ever been there.

You give me too much credit. My attentions are typically elsewhere and normally all I ever want to do is say "hi" and have a conversation... Even if it is a twisted meme-off with a /b/tard. But, everything has its place for me. In NCI, I help. In events, I participate (or even host). In meetings, I contribute. That's who I am. That's what I do.

I am in the groups I'm in because they have something that benefits me. Frankly, I think my association with SL Mentors is more detrimental to my experience than WU. But, that's just my opinion.

I don't want to trouble you. I see that you reserve the privilege to ban me based on any opinion you have about me or what group I socialize in. But, I won't allow you to make up stories and lie about me.

The link that Desmond is referring to is here:

And, I will duplicate this post in my own blog:

My 3 bans

I wasn't going to respond at first. But, in seeing the claims made, I'm seeing an invented reality that I just can't let go. Bear with me. I'll be brief. (=_=)

Banning event #1:
I get word that one of the NCI infonodes got a cosmetic update and went to check it out. My Mystitool spotted someone off in the distance and I flew over to say "hi"...
[2009/05/15 21:37] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (19m)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Imnotgoing Sideways: Carl just told me about the update. (^_^)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Banning event #2:
I read on the forums that there would be a discussion on Avatars and Anonymity online. It was a fascinating topic to me, considering even my best friends don't even really know who I am in SL. I show up, chat, make a couple friends...
[2009/07/10 18:37] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (18m)
[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva: hi
[2009/07/10 18:37] brinda Allen: oooops
[2009/07/10 18:37] Seasprite Destiny: Ah, and htis focus on the one on one experiecne..don't get me started.
[2009/07/10 18:37] Imnotgoing Sideways: I just passed 6 months inworld just a month before the openings were shut. (>_<)
[2009/07/10 18:37] brinda Allen: Hi Prok
[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Banning event #3:
I was TP'd by some people I know from the forums who had just discovered the NCI freebie wall. I was helping them navigate it and pointing out the new additions in avatars and textures. One person was getting a bit nostalgic about the dancing cow attachment...
[2009/08/11 19:17] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (17m)
[2009/08/11 19:17] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[2009/08/11 19:17] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Here's the thing. At no time was I ever with a group of people. Each time I arrived alone. The second and third time, I had already had an open dialogue with the people there, and even made some friends in the process. (^_^)

I don't have replicating cubes. I don't have particle emitters. I don't even really know how to find or make them. I can't really say I care. They're not fun to me. So, to say I arrived with a group of avatars or a 'posse' or have ever been seen with a 'posse'... Well... That's just a lie. (=_=)

Yes, I am in the Woodbury University group.

Yes, I am in the NCI group.

In addition, I'm in Second Life Mentors, The Forum Cartel, Jumpman's Slut Magazine, and Second Life Children. ( I'm going to beat myself up for saying "slut"... I don't cuss... (T_T) )

Those are facets of me. I am not a facet of them. And, I can live with that. The only thing that troubles me at the moment is that lies are used in order to justify my bannings. (=_=)

Prokofy, if you simply said that you banned me because you dislike the group I'm associated with, I would have felt no need to respond. In fact, up until now, you may have noticed that I have kept the fuss to a minimum. Mostly, because until now, I didn't care. (^_^)

But, now that I'm being lied about, I care. (>_<)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gotta love helpful people. =^-^=

[05:25 AM] O*S*: Requesting help on HI 205
[05:25 AM] O*S*: we have alot of people here
[05:29 AM] O*S*: Sorry!. too many peeps now at Help Island XD
[05:29 AM] K*T*: mentor party!

They were right too... Can't TP in at all. (^_^)y