Friday, August 28, 2009

What is the goal in this?

[2009/08/27 19:44] Carl Metropolitan: I sent it to NCI, NCI Land Holdings, Caledon Oxbridge, and Caledon Oxbridge University group
[2009/08/27 19:45] ** **: never got to my account..
[2009/08/27 19:45] Carl Metropolitan: I wanted to maximize the number of people who could resign in disgust.

Is this someone considering the benefit of the community? Is this how you help Second Life's New Citizen?


Dale Innis said...

I imagine Carl's being sort of darkly ironic there?

carl said...

I was being darkly ironic. I made that remark after three members of the Board of Directors had IMed me in quick succession to resign. I was depressed and upset.