Thursday, August 20, 2009

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In saying "In griefing group" are you saying my avatar was a member of a crowd of avatars causing trouble? That never happened. Each time I received a ban, I arrived on my own. What "group" I may have been in is simply a name on my groups list. In fact, you have provided proof that I was alone. In the chat log of your July 11th post about Anonymous avatars, there is a single avatar eject:

[18:37] Avatar ejected.

This coincides perfectly with my own personal chat log:

[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

So, whatever "posse" you're describing simply doesn't exist.

At the same time, I'm not actually aware of any technical means of getting around or evading bans. Are you referring to Linden Lab account suspension and/or termination? I don't evade those, I simply don't violate the TOS/CS. That's all.

Also, what grief build and where is Ravenglass? I don't really pay attention to sim names so I don't know if I've ever been there.

You give me too much credit. My attentions are typically elsewhere and normally all I ever want to do is say "hi" and have a conversation... Even if it is a twisted meme-off with a /b/tard. But, everything has its place for me. In NCI, I help. In events, I participate (or even host). In meetings, I contribute. That's who I am. That's what I do.

I am in the groups I'm in because they have something that benefits me. Frankly, I think my association with SL Mentors is more detrimental to my experience than WU. But, that's just my opinion.

I don't want to trouble you. I see that you reserve the privilege to ban me based on any opinion you have about me or what group I socialize in. But, I won't allow you to make up stories and lie about me.

The link that Desmond is referring to is here:

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Dale Innis said...

fwiw, my theory is that Prokofy is trying to say that he's tried to ban you from posting to his weblog, and thinks that you are using Nefarious Technie Tricks to evade that ban. Or something like that... :)

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

You can banlist blogs? (O.o)

Ugh... People are giving me too much credit here. One day I'm a bloody FBI agent another I'm some techie hacker that can get through blog bans. (=_=)

And, that's only if we're interpreting him correctly. It's like reading the bloody Bible upside down. (>_<)

Prokofy said...

Imnotgoing Sideways is prevaricating here.

Woodbury is a griefing conspiracy that deliberately invites into the group alts and recruits that commit well-documented TOS offenses, and also has long-time members well-documented and permanently banned (Tizzers Foxchase).

On multiple occasions Imnotgoing Sideways has appeared with this group -- not just with the group tag -- as, for example, at the Council on Virtual Relations in Ross, when its members used self-replicating prims and particle spewing to disrupt meetings.

If a gang of them comes and are removed, and IMG arrives after and appears to be a single avatar ejected, that's immaterial, as some are ejected or prebanned even before the meeting starts due to the long history of this group's disruption.

IMG has to face the music for being in a criminal conspiracy, and leave it. It's well documented, and the Lindens' removal of particularly recent accounts found guilty of killing chickens, accounts *invited into the invitation only group*, lets us know that.

If you don't want to suffer from guilt by association, don't associate with demonstrable, documented guilt which has been well exposed by the Lindens' banning of literally hundreds of accounts from this group including its original main founders.

IMG is merely part of a tactical maneuver that constantly seeks legitimacy for griefing groups to enable to confuse and divide and distract better, that's all. It's an old tactic and one easily exposed by documenting acts committed.

Prokofy said...

IMG is both name-banned and IP banned on my blog, and continually evading these bans deliberately is good evidence of the true nature of this person trying to distract from their own and their group's offenses.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I don't know.. Maybe you spelled my name wrong... I haven't done anything special to respond to your blog. It worked just now. (O.o)

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

And.. prok.. Those are all lies. The only tag I ever really wear is "Darkly Cute". (^_^)

You're really flying off the deep end. (O.o)

Dale Innis said...

Um, she can't be name-banned on your weblog, since she made a couple of test comments, which showed up just fine, under her name. So...

I vote for the misspelling theory. :)