Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm spent. I can't take this anymore.

To NCI: Goodbye.

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Brinda said...

Immy :-( ...I've not said anything these last couple days...I just had the feeling that none of us had heard the final say on this.

Couple things on this...

#1 I can see your point concerning what you get from your association with various groups. You seem to be a person that is able to separate the part of a group that provides you with mental stimulation without getting into activities that could be detrimental to all. You are old enuff and wise enuff to kno thats not done by all.

#2 I sure as heck can see Carls dilemma. If someone runs a one person show... it's possible to just do what one pleases. In his case there are others to answer to. And in business groups often things come down to not whether something is right or wrong....but how is a situation percieved.

The things you've done for the good of all have amazed me. Despite your protestions about being a lil odd to get along with :-)... you've done so much.
In a recent post on another blog I mentioned {a lil jokingly} that like Groucho Marx of years gone by I subscribe to a philosophy of not wanting to belong to a group that would have me. I can only hope that you will continue to help ppl in world... for me it's just helping one nooblet at a time. Whether I find them at the HIs as one of my alts...or I find them at an Info hub or WA really makes no difference. It's that one on one assistance that some cherish. {and yes..some just bite ya in the butt lol}