Sunday, August 23, 2009

Okay... Who's the frigg'n griefer here? (=_=)

Yeah, we can be all la-dee-da that me and the group I'm in are all harassing and griefing and such. You know; I show up, say "hi", get parcel banned. All in a day's grief. I mean, who knows what I could have done. Something nefarious like saying "This place looks nice." =^-^=

But, when someone uses an alt to abuse someone in group chat with inflammatory remarks up to the point of receiving a suspension on their account... Naw, that's not the griefer. That's the victim we need to protect from all the naughty people. (=_=)

Bleagh. (=_=)

Have a nice day and enjoy your suspension. (^_^)y


Marianne McCann said...

First off, what you got drug through was wrong. But you know that.

I find myself really confused by Rodney's behavior in Ross yesterday. I'm left wondering exactly what was going on. You know, a "where there's smoke..." kinda thing. It jes feels weird.

But ya, going onto the group chat as an alt an starting in what that sort of bad behavior? Yeesh - grow up, already (and for me to say that, you know it's bad!). It's really a step over the line. Two wrong don't make a right an all that.

This whole situation is just rapidly getting weird.

Dale Innis said...

Immy: Welcome to the Twilight Universe of Prokofy's Brain. :)

Marianne: (Hi!) Do we have any evidence from anyone but Prok that Rodney was doing anything at all unusual? I mean, he was standing there with a Resi, and this weird dude comes up and starts cursing and spouting incomprehensible stuff (to anyone who doesn't know the backstory). It's no wonder he was a little baffled.

Do we have any account of what happened from anyone else who was there? That would be helpful in deciding whether or not there's actually anything to worry about.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

If it's anything consistent with what I've gone through, they were simply being berated for standing there and saying "Hi". So, to see it turn into what has transpired... Yeah, that gets to me. (=_=)

AntoniusMisfit said...

You know; I show up, say "hi", get parcel banned.

Welcome to the club, Immy. Nearly the exact same thing happened to me, just because I got curious about the whole chicken craze, and I made the naive decision of teleporting to Prok's farm to observe sionChickens firsthand.

Prok really is losing it, but in a way I should thank her. That experience convinced me that sionChicken raising is too much of a hassle for me. I'm better off with a virtual pet rock!