Thursday, August 20, 2009

My 3 bans

I wasn't going to respond at first. But, in seeing the claims made, I'm seeing an invented reality that I just can't let go. Bear with me. I'll be brief. (=_=)

Banning event #1:
I get word that one of the NCI infonodes got a cosmetic update and went to check it out. My Mystitool spotted someone off in the distance and I flew over to say "hi"...
[2009/05/15 21:37] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (19m)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Imnotgoing Sideways: Carl just told me about the update. (^_^)
[2009/05/15 21:38] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Banning event #2:
I read on the forums that there would be a discussion on Avatars and Anonymity online. It was a fascinating topic to me, considering even my best friends don't even really know who I am in SL. I show up, chat, make a couple friends...
[2009/07/10 18:37] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (18m)
[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva: hi
[2009/07/10 18:37] brinda Allen: oooops
[2009/07/10 18:37] Seasprite Destiny: Ah, and htis focus on the one on one experiecne..don't get me started.
[2009/07/10 18:37] Imnotgoing Sideways: I just passed 6 months inworld just a month before the openings were shut. (>_<)
[2009/07/10 18:37] brinda Allen: Hi Prok
[2009/07/10 18:37] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Banning event #3:
I was TP'd by some people I know from the forums who had just discovered the NCI freebie wall. I was helping them navigate it and pointing out the new additions in avatars and textures. One person was getting a bit nostalgic about the dancing cow attachment...
[2009/08/11 19:17] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Prokofy Neva (17m)
[2009/08/11 19:17] Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa (^_^)
[2009/08/11 19:17] Prokofy Neva ejected and banned you from this land.

Here's the thing. At no time was I ever with a group of people. Each time I arrived alone. The second and third time, I had already had an open dialogue with the people there, and even made some friends in the process. (^_^)

I don't have replicating cubes. I don't have particle emitters. I don't even really know how to find or make them. I can't really say I care. They're not fun to me. So, to say I arrived with a group of avatars or a 'posse' or have ever been seen with a 'posse'... Well... That's just a lie. (=_=)

Yes, I am in the Woodbury University group.

Yes, I am in the NCI group.

In addition, I'm in Second Life Mentors, The Forum Cartel, Jumpman's Slut Magazine, and Second Life Children. ( I'm going to beat myself up for saying "slut"... I don't cuss... (T_T) )

Those are facets of me. I am not a facet of them. And, I can live with that. The only thing that troubles me at the moment is that lies are used in order to justify my bannings. (=_=)

Prokofy, if you simply said that you banned me because you dislike the group I'm associated with, I would have felt no need to respond. In fact, up until now, you may have noticed that I have kept the fuss to a minimum. Mostly, because until now, I didn't care. (^_^)

But, now that I'm being lied about, I care. (>_<)


Brinda said... name shows up..briefly.. on one of Immys ban/ejections. Our brief chat a few mins before her ban was warm, friendly, and A lil informative :-) After a min or so she indicated that while the proposed discussion interested her...she mite well be banned on sight. When I asked why, she said it mite be cause of her group listing. Sure nuff...Pooof!

Ya kno...I love to listen to them,specially when they dont kno I'm what they say.{particularly tweets..not much time there to obfuscate}.

Immy..I'm happy to claim you as a friend...certainly on one occasion I got some really good advice..
I have watched you stand off to one side at a particularly rambuctuous WA..never speak to anyone cept myself and one nooblet. {And you were a lot kinder & helpfull to him than I was}
As far as silence...well in this case I believe that so many mistake silence {or kindness} as weakness. Me & you kid till the wheels fall off!

Dale Innis said...

You have my sympathies; Prokofy has posted numerous falsehoods about me to his weblog also, and I know how hard it is not to react. I think you did the right thing by posting here rather than engaging him in his comments. It took me months to figure out that approach, but since I put a "Generic Response to Prokofy Neva" on my own web site, he seems to have cut down on making stuff up about me, and I don't have the stress of trying to talk sense with someone who is so cut off from truth.

Hey, one good side-effect: I discovered your weblog! :)

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Yay! I haz a readers nao! \(^o^)/

Now... If I could only update this bloody site once in a while. (=_=)

Dale Innis said...

Reg'lar posting not required; I haz you in mah feed-reader... ^_^

Brinda said...

Hmmm...reading between some lines...I'm guessing this is "reading the bible upside down?"
"Hard work, especially dealing with griefers, and especially griefers who nit-pick and literalize that because they didn't come in a group, but came after a group left, that, they, um, aren't griefers. Please, arrant bullshit."

Chat @ ya in world =^.!.^=

Dale Innis said...

haha! This is *such* typical Proklogic. "A because B!" "Well, it turns out that not B, but still obviously A! How could anyone think otherwise?".

At one point he claimed that I had commented on every one of his JIRA entries, and was therefore harassing him. I pointed out that I'd only commented on *one* of the 38, and he replied that I was being a literalist expletive, and obviously what he'd meant to say was (something else entirely, also not true).


Imnotgoing Sideways said...

@Brinda ... I came after a group left? ... I need to IM people more. Half the time I have NO idea what's going on. (=_=)

On the other hand, is that even English? Silly silliness is silly. (O.o)

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

@Dale: Yeah. One of the things I did early on was send Prok a link to the Wikipedia article on "Association Fallacy". His response was that the concept was merely a meme and I need to learn to speak for myself. (Insert irony here) (=_=)

Dale Innis said...

On the other hand I just commented on his weblog, against the ppl that killed his chickens. I wonder if he will make me regret that; he usually does...

Boneless and Skinless said...

oh immy! i dint know you had a blog! woohoo
so do it but its faux-etry
yer friend roxanne

Brinda said...

Well...I may have stepped in it =^.!.^=
Latest second thots post....still think the truth just is...