Sunday, August 23, 2009


A liberal is a conservative that hasn't been mugged yet.

A conservative is a liberal that hasn't been arrested yet.

I think everyone for their replies, on the forums, in SLU, and in person through IMs and forum PMs.

I have dealt with the subject on my own terms and have taken many things into consideration. As such, I wall make a statement.

ALL of the groups I'm in are griefer groups: Because in each group, I have observed someone giving another person grief. Emotional, technical, or psychological; it is still grief.

ALL of the groups I'm in are hate groups: Because in each group, I have observed someone expressing hate and intolerance.

ALL of the groups I'm in detract from the betterment of the SL experience: Because in each group, I have observed people spawning drama to the point where someone decides to leave SL and/or create an alt.

ALL of the groups I'm in reflect badly on me as a person: Because in regards to each group, someone has found something wrong with me due to my association in that group.

I have received suggestions that I simply hide the group. In regards to that, it would leave the remainder of my group list to pat them selves on the back for being the “better” 20 or so groups on my list.

As a result, in concluding this mess for myself, I will not leave any group I'm in.

What I will do is hide all my groups from being on display in my profile. If no one group can be on display because of the way it happens to “define” me; no groups can.

I am myself.

Does this sound irrational?

Does this sound illogical?

Am I making a rash decision because I'm making a big decision based on statements made by a person I should be best left ignoring?


But, I am only doing so because behind all this I am getting messages of people making the same irrational, illogical, and unreasonable decisions. As a result, I refuse to be defined by group affiliation at all, regardless of the group.

In saying this, I wish to conclude this discussion and request that the forum threads get locked. They have served their purpose.

Thank you all very much.


Brinda said...

Done! =^.!.^=lorworin

Anonymous said...

Good on you. THAT, imo, is the correct response.

Boneless and Skinless said...

Well said, immy.
- roxanne