Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who is the real liar? (=_=)

In regards to:


I won’t comment there, my stuff gets deleted. Frankly, any factual dissention pretty much gets deleted. (=_=)

I can pretty much second the quoted statements Intlibber made as quoted by Prok. I have quite a few documented events of harassment by W-hat goons. I was targeted by the group for a number of weeks as can be seen on their web site picture collection, up to the point where I got suspended by a false AR for (Sexual) ageplay. (>_<)

I remember being in an NCI Blitz Build event that was flooded by the group’s goons as a ‘cheerleading’ crowd for Orty. Much of the event was littered with huge amounts of lag due to their attachments and was persistently interrupted by their animations and gestures. Many of the statements were targeted at me, usually along the lines of “4chan GET OUT!” and such. (=_=)

WU, like 4chan, is a very open group... The only reason the group itself isn’t free to join is because of what we see here in the past week. There are people that want the group to not only appear bad, but even criminal. It is true, currently any member of WU can send a group invitation. With over 400 members, that’s 400 opportunities for just about anyone to join. And that’s still conservative by *chan standards. (^_^)

The *chan boards are completely wide open. You don’t have a user name. You don’t have a password. If you choose not to identify yourself, your name automatically becomes Anonymous. As a result, Anonymous is everybody. At the same time, Anonymous is nobody. Anonymous has been posting for years and Anonymous just posted this morning for the first time ever. Anonymous doesn’t have to take the blame for what Anonymous does, yet Anonymous is the only one capable of taking the blame. Such is the beast. (^_^)

... Which is why W-hat has a problem. W-hat is a group made of SomethingAwful forum members. Their membership rules require that someone be on the SA forums and that they didn’t join the SA forums simply for the sake of being in W-hat. It’s a controlled environment of relatively like-minded people. As I see them, it’s also a collection of elitists who not only follow the mantra “The internet makes you stupid” but also consider themselves to be above the petty meme dropping adolescent humor that shows up in the *chan boards. (=_=)

So, when Intlibber says Woodbury University faces hostility from W-hat, I believe it. I believe it because I see it. It exists in SL and on the respective web sites. (=_=)

Now, I have never actually met Intlibber. I’ve been in the same sim as him. But, he seemed to be having too much fun cussing at Tizzers for me to even consider approaching him. That and I continue to be an overanxious recluse, even online. (>_<)

Prokofy... You’re telling lies again. I know because I’ve seen you apply them to me. (>_<)

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