Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woodbury University Gone. Does anyone care? (._.)


I do. (._.)

I was first introduced to the group by Scout back when NCI was getting raided by W-hats. We were dealing with a particularly abusive mob when Aley/Arcadia came back as an alt to see how things were going. That day I joined the group and was introduced to some of the most intelligent, creative, and fun-loving people I've ever met... Who are unafraid to have a good stupid laugh. (^_^)

I stood my ground for the good people of the group when I faced being shunned for association in a situation that nearly dismantled NCI. (>_<)

I called bloggers on their lies in regards to the activities of my friends and myself in relation to the group. (>_<)

I'd visit the sandbox once in a while and I enjoyed the gifts of scripts, outfits, pictures, textures, and other creative offerings that were given out in group notices. The place was beautiful. From highly detailed and imposing military weaponry, to well crafted vehiciles, to sim-scale construction projects that were marvels of quality, effeciency, and ingenuity. (^_^)

But. That's gone now. Anyone who could have gone to Concierge support about it has been summarily terminated. The sims are shut down. The mainland parcels have been force-abandoned. And the group, itself, has been technically deleted. It's currently in the limbo-ish state that the SL Mentors group was in when that group was purged. (._.)

So, who cares? People like me who saw beyond the facade of fearmongering and old-world politics. I will find other ways to contact my friends. Still... A chill has hit the grid. Second Life has become a little less fun this week. (T_T)


Brinda said...

Immy,I'm sorry that your friends no longer have a place here. I know that you, like I, stand up for those that treat us well even when we catch flak about it.
{BTW, I haven't read anything else about this...other than your post}

I guess the problem is the same as in first life...It's often less of what one *does* {or appears to have done}...It's the *perception* of what happened and who was responsible.
I am the last one to know almost anything for certain...but the recent viewer crashings at the Sutherland dam had members of a group there that have a less than savory reputation. Were they responible...I haven't a clue.

I did see the handwriting on the wall though when the viewer crashing went on at that recent meeting with Joe Linden. As I stated above...I have no idea what parties were involved there either.

Fun is fun...but tugging on the tigers tail when ones inside the cage just isn't a wise move.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

In a way, I almost saw it coming since they closed the ability to invite to the group. It was in reaction to people inviting too many alts and the ability had to be shut down to prevent another PN-like invasion. (T_T)

It may be that the shut down was too little - too late. (>_<)

I'm sure we'll get more details as time passes. (._.)

RamenJedburgh said...

You've pretty much summed up my thoughts on the whole issue. What a mess it has become. The truly good part is that this still isn't going to keep these folks down. There will always be Woodbury in Second Life, no matter mow much people try to keep them down.