Thursday, April 8, 2010

LULZing at teh edumacatered ones. =^-^=

I just finished a project to prove that the R&D team screwed up on the backlight inverter design. I was assisted partially by a nearby engineer just to be sure I was getting things right. The experiment lasted about a week and was a matter of me tuning an alternative inverter so that it would stably deliver the peak current allowed to maintain the 50kH lifetime the bulb specifies. (^_^)

This engineer has been consistently confrontational and spent a lot of time discouraging each stage of the process by pointing out that he believes I lack the experience to properly manage the tasks to come. (=_=)

I just sent out images of the final waveforms comparing my modded circuit to an off-the-shelf unmodded board. (^_^)

He sends me an Email. "This is why we need someone from R&D present. Some of these waveforms are completely unacceptable." DX

I respond. "I know. Those 'unacceptable' wave forms are from the default unmodified circuit." XD

BCC to his boss. =^-^=


Ghosty said...

I never, ever want to work for you. Ever. For one thing, I like thinking I can get away with bullshit. ^.^

Brinda said...

I love stories like that...I spent my last working years in the construction industry implementing construction contracts and dealing with *ROICC's* {regimental officers in chrage of construction} on military bases. Many of which had little construction contract experience but did have a lot of gender bias.
{ :-) shame on them if they got too stupid!}Gently Bury Them!

Lady-Succubus said...

Someone's evil. :P

Anonymous said...

Hope the email has the desired effect. Every other time I BCC somebody above to bring them up to speed with the work of subordinates, they fail to notice subtle details and blindly forward it to the bozo in question accompanied by a 'please explain'.

Management. Grrr