Friday, December 18, 2009

I found one reason to complain about Windows7 -or- SpeedFan FTW!

... Okay, it may have NOT been Win7's fault. But, from the day I did the install of the RTS version of Win7, I have been facing overheats. (>_<)

Having spent half a year in the RC version, this came as a surprise. I figured they were the same OS... Just a bit of cleanup and the RTS would come with a license that would last a relative lifetime instead of arbitrarily expiring after the candidate's duty cycle runs up. (^_^)

But, for some odd reason it kept cutting out on me! DX

It really looked heat related so I did the only thing a proper techie would do; I ran it with the case open and a room fan blowing into it. (=_=)

It was annoying, loud, and not a good solution. (=_=)

So, I installed Speedfan and checked things out. Gladly, my board is well documented and a lot of people have worked out how to get Speedfan to work with everything. I've been running the temperature and fan speed logs for about a week. (^_^)

Guess what I found? One of my CPU fans never changed speed. It always stayed at the base 1200 RPM. Why? (O.o)

Well... Digging into Speedfan's advanced settings, I made me a little discovery. =^-^=

PWM 2 mode = Auto on Remote 2 Temp!!! DX

The bloody thing was set to the wrong temperature sensor? What the heck caused that? I'm guessing it was something set around the time I installed Win7 RTS, but, I don't remember running anything that would affect low level motherboard settings like that. (=_=)

Either way... I was able to set it to "Auto on CPU Temp" and it's right back to normal now. SpeedFan FTW!!! \(^o^)/

The real question is, was it something in the Windows7 installer DVD that made this change? Oh, if it is, I sure do weep for anyone that runs the install and knows nothing about SpeedFan. (=_=)y

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