Monday, December 7, 2009

Little weekend adventures (^_^)

I spent quite a bit of time touring this past weekend. In addition to my NCI visits, Infohub hopping, and meeting up with friends here and there; I took on some SLURLs to check some neat places out. (^_^)

First was a Twitter tweet from M Linden. He found a really slick light&art showcase. =^-^=


I got no real explanation of what I was entering, just an animated red line on the floor. I assumed I was to follow the red line and was treated to a self-guided walking tour of some fun and wild abstract animations. In some cases, I was walking directly through the exhibit. In others, I was experiencing them as displays on the walls. (^_^)

One problem though... It was my first time in Emerald.1101, so, I may re-visit in Cool Viewer... But, my FPS was taking a major hit there. Just about ever 4 or 5 seconds I'd get a two second freeze up. Could have been attributed to the glut of animated textures? The use of glow? I wasn't aware of any sound sources so the lag was a mystery to me. Once I TP'd home, things were fine. So... It was a beautiful place with just a slight detraction from the overall experience. (^_^)

Next up my best friend tossed me a TP to a place where she bought some body armor. (^_^)


What started as a modest freestanding dock-like build became an epic underwater site starting with a fall down a single shaft. The typical haze that comes with being under water in SL adds greatly to the effects used in the builds all around. From mysterious glowing tubes, to abandoned missile holds, to a giant robotic creature peering at a bird in a glass beaker; the place was a visual feast. (^_^)

I usually adventure a lot, but, I haven't seen place like these in a long time. They really show the artistic potential that SL has beyond cube shaped stores with repetitive royalty free textures. A good artist can make a big difference in the SL experience and these two sims attest to that. (^_^)

All in all, a fun little weekend. =^-^=


Yssario said...

That pic from Ball State looks like Spiral Walchers work. He used to have a huge installation in one of Rezzables sims before they abandoned SL. Good stuff and I think he still has a store inworld.

Dick McMinnar said...

Even moar weirdness... I tried to go there tonight. It seems ta be gone?