Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chronology of a "Reduced Price" (^_^)

This was too LULZy to let slide. I had a good laugh. =^-^=

I sent my senior tech out to buy us some network cards and he did so (good boy!). I couldn't help but laugh at what he came back with. Sure, it was nothing more special than a box of PCI network cards, but it was the price tags that made me scratch my head. (O.o)

Okay... So, it was $14.99 and they reduced the price to $14.24. But, wait... The "Reduced Price" label was placed UNDER the shrink wrap. So... The price was reduced BEFORE the actual price tag was applied? (o.O)

Hang on... I see more than one sticker. The box looks like it has a stack... I must investigate... (=_=)


The reduced price prior to the current reduced price was $13.99. So, the current reduced price isn't a reduced price at all. It's a jacked up price! DX

Add to that, all this is happening BELOW the shrink wrap. If anything, that $14.99 price tag is the most recent label to be put on the thing. How long ago was it $13.99? (=_=)

Hang on... There's just one more sticker to go... (o.o)

Okay! So the first time the price was "reduced" it was $14.24... Just like it is now. =^-^=

But... How long ago was this? And, why is this whole mess under the shrink wrap? (O.o)

Something smells and it's not the tunafish sandwich I wear under each arm... (=_=)

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Ghosty said...

From my own experience as a retail minion, the shrink wrap is above the stickers because the item was previously returned, and re-wrapped. That ought to REALLY bake your noodle, now.