Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Land ownership, fairness, and you. (^_^)y

I'm just reflecting on what I've been reading and responding to on the SL Blogorum lately. (^_^)y

All land in SL is privately owned. That is to say, the servers are property of Linden Research, Inc. and are occupied by land holders who have funded the establishment, use, and support of the resources the virtual land takes advantage of on the servers. None of which is public domain or a matter of funding beyond the 'owner', tier payer, or premium account holder. (^_^)

That said, it's simple; My place, my rules. =^-^=

I'm seeing post, upon post, upon post from people crying foul over being parcel, sim, and estate banned. More than half aren't even asking for a solution. They're just spouting off at the mouth about how "unfair" or "unjust" their ban is... To the point of sounding like they have some sort of "right" to be somewhere and as if they deserve the privilege by default. (=_=)

Well... Sorry to break it to y'all. But, you ain't entitled to go everywhere. Deal with it. (=_=)

Land owners spill a bunch of money, work, and effort into the land they own. So, they're the ones who deserve the break when it comes to the spending of the resource they've earned. Each and every sim you visit is just that... A place you're visiting. You're the guest. With or without a gracious host, you're subject to being a welcome guest or shown the virtual door. Anything you say, do, appear to do, be, or appear to be; can and will be used against you. (^_^)

There is no "justice". Just like there is no "justice" for someone poorer than me deciding to take up camp in my garden shed. The same rule is extended to our little digital parcels placed here before us. (^_^)

At the same time... Don't drag the Lindens into your little pissing matches. The TOS/CS states quite clearly that Lindens won't get involved in resident disputes. If you're at a loss over what that means, think of it this way; Did the OTHER person violate the TOS/CS? If not, you're on your own. =^-^=

There are thousands of regions to see in SL. If you cant get to a dozen or so, who bloody cares? There's always somewhere else. And, if there's nowhere else, buy your own land and ban the world back. (^_^)y


Brinda said...

Yup...just had that *chat*.
"She" came as a noob...with an AO and all the right language. A lil later some of the truth comes out...Yes, shes not new {no crap!} and her previous two acounts were banned for "aggressive" behaviour. The next day my manager asked me if i knew xxxxxx. Yes, I do kno that name...is there a pb? yes? hit the GTFO button.
My god you could hear the screams all the way to Help Island 217.
I banned her butt...and the manager got one notecard before she muted... She was DEMANDING SHE BE ALLOWED BACK.
Not even if she paid my four hundred ninety five dollar tier.

Lalo Telling said...

That's about in the same league with this one: "Waaaah, LL should make minimum hardware requirements go away!"

... or this one, where someone claims he can tell who's an alt of a Linden by their profile...

I shouldn't read the Flogrums -- the drama there is toxic.

June Stormcrow said...

The drama there isn't toxic to me, it is amusing. People's sense of entitlement on sl is pretty insane. The flogs are tame compared to Alphaville, tho. That place is the Jerry Springer of the grid.

I own a small parcel, and I haven't felt the need to ban anything but a land bot and a witch I never want to see again, but I'm sure I will run across an insaneoid eventually.

I just hope they whine prettily enough that the inconvenience is worth it.