Friday, January 22, 2010

Interwebz behind a red curtain (._.)

So… Here I am, RL, in China. Immy’s keyboard stabber is travelling on business and spending a couple weeks in Dongguan. It’s been fun and a bit crazy. Gotta love moving around for work. Interwebs in different places have different things. I remember Japan and what seemed like one WAY overloaded web. Viet Nam was quite surprising… webs were wide open, fast, and cheap. Australia was an adventure in monopoly… Then… China. (>_<)

Interwebs here are fast and reliable, but, boy are they locked down! (>_<)

Twitter, Youtube, Metacafe, bits and pieces of Google… Heck, even my own Blogspot site… All blocked. Searches are peppered with broken links. Logging to SL works, but, after a while packet loss starts to skyrocket. Especially if I start clicking links to blocked sites. And, so far, people been wanting to guineapig me by sending every possible blocked link they could imagine. (._.)

Still… What works, works. I’m able to VPN to my work compie in California to post this. I’m totally having fun here and I took a few pikkies. The weather’s all hazy, though. It’s hard to get contrast and detail when everything grey. (>_<)

Anyways, here I am and there you are. I’ll be back in my favorite time zone by the end of the week. It’ll be nice to have my 90% uncensored interwebs access back again. =^-^=

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Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Cute. That comment is flooded with links for porn sites. =^-^=