Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Okay... Now what? (._.)

I done did it. I got that Avatars United profile thing done. See? (^_^)

I have something like 130-or-so friends listed there... Some of them I actually know. (^_^)

I've shouted. (^_^)

I've joined groups. (^_^)

I've installed some gadgets. (^_^)

I've posted some pictures. (^_^)

I found out that search can only really find first names. (^_^)

... Now what? (O.o)


Lady-Succubus said...

Now you start typing random names into the /avatars/ pseudo-directory and uniting with whoever comes up. ^.–


Kitsy said...

looks like you esploded all over AU (^_^)

Dale Innis said...

haha yeah, seems pretty pointless, doesn't it? :)

But the Lab bought it, and maybe they're planning to do something with it that will have some effect on the Grid, so it's probably worth having at least played with a lil...