Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy birthday to who? (O.o)

I spent a bit of Monday touring the SL7B sims. I checked out Unexpected Childhoods, the RHN display, and of course NCI. (^_^)

I did notice a bit of a reduction in lag for the places that didn't have as many avatars. People are getting used to the idea that not every texture has to be alpha-glow-shiny-of-death. (^_^)

The overall continent is as expected. Everyone's there showing their community or their artwork. Almost like an annual tradition, nipples are causing controversy again. So, it's yet another SL birthday. (^_^)

There's one island that got to me, though. SL7B Bear Island. (>_<) Yes, I know it's fun to collect Linden Bears and such... I have quite a few myself. But, there were some things there that really hit me as tactless flubs, considering recent events. (._.)

To start... Blue. (._.)

It felt very strange to see a roughly down-scaled version of Blue Linden's avatar being presented there. Especially considering the avatar, himself, is no longer in existence due to a downsizing of LL's staff. (._.)

Then camming around the other bears...

Really? (T_T)

I know the feeling of being laid off of work and the idea that my own effort or image would be presented along with such a gag would hit hard. (>_<) Really, it was almost enough to ruin the whole tour of the place. I almost lost interest in visiting any more 7B related builds. Seeing so many bears representative of the good people of Linden Lab who were off'd by staff reductions was just such a downer. Especially the ones who used their inworld AVs so often and engaged the community to improve, explore, and expand SL to what it is today. (>_<)

Visiting the place just left me cold. (._.)


Brinda said...

I felt much the same way Immy.
The only two Lindens I ever had any one on ones with were Robin (whos bear I didn't see there) and Mia. I commented on Boyd Doghouses blog just a moment ago a bit about losing almost all of the Lindens that were "one of us".

Brinda said...

Boyd Doghouse blog

(Sorry, I'm gonna learn this stuff yet...shoulda used this link!)

Kitsy said...

Blue was the very first Linden that I ever saw in person. I happen to be hovering over the castle at Kuula and he appeared over NCI for a few moments than vanished.

Darkness tries to slip in when I wander place and find incomplete projects of the lost.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Boy... These spammers... I don't want to have to turn on Email comment approval. (._.)