Sunday, August 22, 2010

To distract myself... (._.) ... A little story. (^_^)

Email has a "Reply To All" button. It's good because there are times when an Email discussion needs to continue to involve all parties, it's a single click away. (^_^)

But, when a company-wide announcement comes out, Reply To All is the Satan's spawn of Email servers world wide. (>_<)

Of course, now people know to include in company-wide announcements, "Please don't reply to all" in order to spare everyone the spamming of little "congratulations" when the CEO's nephew gets promoted to Senior Director of Scratching His Butt In A Cushy Office. (^_^)

But, of course, not everyone reads and follows such requests. Thusly, the company continues to be spammed. "Congratulations!!!" =^-^=

Then there's the hero... The one who replies asking that people stop using Reply To All... Of course, in a Reply To All message. (=_=)

But, we're not finished yet. There's still that last person to reply to our glorious Reply To All saviour by sending a message saying "THANK YOU!!!!".... In a Reply To All message. (O,o)

Will we ever survive the Martian onslaught? (^_^)y

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Brinda said...

I'm gonna forward this to all via a screensnip {and include a shot of your new butt} =^..^= lmao