Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have actually muted someone. (._.)

No "Hi"... No "Good evening" or what ever applies to the time zone... Just this. (T_T)

[2010/09/02 17:31] Exa Ella: what is your name btw
[2010/09/02 17:31] Imnotgoing Sideways: ...
[2010/09/02 17:32] Imnotgoing Sideways: Imnotgoing Sideways. Though, I prefer to go by "Immy". (._.)
[2010/09/02 17:32] Exa Ella: rl
[2010/09/02 17:32] Exa Ella: my name is rich
[2010/09/02 17:33] Imnotgoing Sideways: I have consistently stated that I will not share RL information. Is that so hard to understand? (T_T)
[2010/09/02 17:33] Exa Ella: yes
[2010/09/02 17:33] Exa Ella: because it is odd unless you have something to hide
[2010/09/02 17:33] Exa Ella: you will lose me as a friend unless you stop being so secretive
[2010/09/02 17:34] Imnotgoing Sideways: Okay. Muted. (>_<)
[2010/09/02 17:34] Exa Ella: even someone who works for the FBI wouldn't act like that



Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Of course... THIS is what I have to settle for since I can't maintain any close friendships. (._.)

It's either this or utter silence and isolation. (._.)

bOrt said...

Hate to say it but he has a point.

porfirio said...

Just... Wow.

I really feel like I want to say something.. but..

What the HELL?!

I think you might have waited just a bit too long to mute that clown.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

He's been insisting on RL information for nearly 5 days, I think. Age, gender, name, where I live, am I married... He's been asking for partnership and sexual favors... I'm not even sure why he started IMing me. I don't remember seeing his avatar anywhere. (._.)

Ghosty said...

... I'm NOT surprised it wasn't Prok. :o)

I actually run into tards just like this once in a while. I say "Yes, I have something to hide," then not tell them because, you know, I'm hiding it. :o) Makes them nutty!

I also liked how "bOrt," who links to a hidden Blogger profile, thinks your mute target has a point. Hypocrite much there, dude?

Brinda said...

@bOrt...You must be joking! Believe this...some of us are Immersionists, I guess you can google that term if you are bright enough to spell.

Immy, porfirio said it so well!

Believe this dear...Every negative thing IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

Lastly, Exa Ella... IM me, I'll pixel sex you till your attachments fall off

Dale Innis said...

There are jerks everywhere, nothing to be too surprised by. :)

Not being able to maintain close friendships with jerks is no disability. XD

Dale Innis said...

lol great I am now getting IMs from this Exa person about how they aren't a jerk at all, and how in RL if someone asked your name and you didn't give it it'd be weird so it must be the same in SL, and how it was only trying to help Immy and on and on and on and one.

I bet they get muted alot. :)

Brinda said... "hussy" =^..^=
Here I offer 68 year old pixel sex...I {thought} I impugned his spelling ability...and he 'chases you'!
Darn justice in this world at all.

Natsuki said...

No problems Immy,
In second life Immy is Immy, thats all we need to know. =^.^=

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Oh joy... A stalker. (T_T)

Exa, I know you're reading this.



Dale Innis said...

Oh, don' worry about me. :) I think I might even have convinced Exa that it was being at least a little bit of a jerk, at least from our point of view.

I mean, it's fine to feel that "SL is just part of RL so I'm very free with my personal RL information". But it's jerky to insist that everyone else must feel that way also!

Vickie said...

... I thought this name sounded familiar. I just searched their name and saw the note I wrote about them IMing me a very inappropriate question. =__=

flo said...

Oh. I have been on Sl for nearly 2 years.. but never had this kinda situation.. never knew this kind anyway.. I am kinda the mute first ask later kinda gal.. tho..

oh btw Hiya everyone!.. I found you blog while looking for alternatives :))

Wol said...

His arseholeness is not *your* fault, nor is it *your* problem. Stupid is as stupid does, to coin a phrase.

And I can't believe that you've never muted anyone before :) My muted list is longer than some of my alts' friends lists!