Friday, September 24, 2010

Jira sillies... (O.o)

I use the Jira, I really do. I don't mind the interface, and I've had issues directly addressed. (^_^)

But, here's an odd one... (o.o)

In March I started VWR-18470 after noticing that my offlines took a couple relogs before they came inworld... Which was heavily inconvenient since I have a full time job in addition to inworld responsibilities that lead to me getting IMs 24 hours a day. I've never seen another client exhibit this behaviour. (>_<) In May SVC-3503 was started, pretty much addressing the same issue and determining that it's a server-side issue. I'm not so prepared to believe that it's server side, since it only exhibits while using V2 clients. So...

imnotgoing sideways added a comment - 26/Mar/10 4:07 AM
If someone can move/copy my duplication captures from Please do so.

Alexa Linden added a comment - 03/May/10 12:00 PM
Duplicate of VWR-18470

Okay... That settles things. Seems my observations were correct, after all. (^_^)


Esbee Linden added a comment - 24/Sep/10 3:02 PM
Dupe. This is a server issue (already linked to this ticket).

Eh? Can we say infinite loop, boys and girls? (O.o)

So, I looked at the linked tickets to mine and I see that SVC-3503 remains closed. I can't re-open it. The best I can do is sit, comment, and watch. (=_=)

I'm still not convinced that it's a server side issue. But, hey... They know what they're doing, right? (O.o)


Brinda said...

In response to, "They know what they're doing don't they"?

If you are in the USA..i've some swamp land in Florida to invest in.

You're in western china you about a beachfront resort in the Gobi desert?

Anonymous said...

Esbee seems to be pretty good at closing jira tickets. Not fixing... just closing.

Kinda wonder, though.. According to she's the Product/Business Lead for Project Snowstorm.

How is is that she's spending her time messing around on the jira?