Saturday, September 12, 2009

All good things...

I came to SL to develop the social life I never had. What actually happened was more of a revelation. It may well be that I don't have a social life for a very fathomable reason.

As indicated this past week, I have been very rough on one friend in particular. As a result, I've ruined things. Yesterday, in my usual stream of needless drama, I was faced with this:

"I ment all I said about friends and people seeing your good side... but you are indeed scaring me now... I cant take much more. sorry to say this but I wish to cut ties."

I have successfully ruined what I used to describe as my best friendship. It is a success I did not desire. A success that I can not celebrate.

All I can do is blame myself for failing to be a friend for a friend.


bladyblue said...

Immy you will probably delete this - but you should stay healthy and not let this get you to a point that you internalize it too much. I know you will never take any blame for what transpired in the last two weeks and I accept that.

You should try harder to accept there are people like me out there that will oppose a view points when those view points hurt others.

Please take it easy. I sent Rinoa a message also and asked her to forget the last two weeks and repair the relationship you both had.

Even though I do not like that you knowingly keep your membership in Woodbury Univesity - I wish you well.

Brinda said...

@bladyblue, thank you. Well said. It's a compassionate person that can be willing to support another that they may not approve of all the time.

@Immy.. sometimes we need a lil help to find out more about ourselves. Sometimes that help doesn't instantly feel good.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I thank you both.

I have to admit I've been in a constant state of panic since I read that line and it just reverberates in me. I'm looking for distractions and finding few.

Rin needs time and space.

I need to find a way to give her that time and space without tearing myself apart.

I still don't know what to do.

Scylla said...

Immy, I don't know that I think that "time heals all wounds," but I do know that sometimes it's difficult to see beyond one's immediate feelings. It's easy to lose perspective on all of the positives.

You may find this hard to see right now, but here is some of that perspective. You DO have friends, in-world, in the forums, and elsewhere. People do care; you are not alone. And you will not always feel as you do now, because our lives (thank goodness) never stand still: there will be new joys, friendships, and laughter.

All I guess I'm saying is that you need to remember this:

This too shall pass.

Take care.

Brinda said...

=^..^=....Immy, a post script on something Scylla said about all things pass.

I heard many years ago that.. *I will know when my mental health is OK... When,I'm having the best day of the finest week of the greatest year of my entire life*......and at that point be able to look around and say..."Hmm...This too shall pass".