Monday, September 7, 2009

Do I have a stalker?

I see this Lias/Ladyblue character... She tends to have this little habit. When ever something ever so slightly negative happens to me or around me, there she is. She tends to take the side of whatever is against me. As if I'm worthy of her persistent antagonism for some amazingly random reason.

I started a thread on multiple forums with two purposes. One: To reveal the truth behind the lies posted about me in other places. Two: Because I had a meeting with NCI and Caledon high-ups in regards to group affiliation that discomforted them. We all agreed that the questions to be answered were larger than any of us. I let them know I'd ask the community at large, and I did.

I wasn't sure what outlet to use. SL forums: I'd get a broad audience but wording would have to be carefully chosen as to not violate the TOS/CS. SLU forums: I'd pretty much be able to say what I want, but, I'd have to accept that the responses would come from a clique/crowd biased against my accuser. My blog: Up until now, who read my blog? No audience = no response. I wanted response, input, and advice.

Needless to say... The people that had the most stake in the argument were well aware of what my actions were going to be.

But, who comes into the picture? LiasBlue, Lias, Ladyblue, Blady... Whatever... Too many names to deal with. She's done this before. Tagging along on another un-controversy on the SL forums over kid avatars' presence on non-sexual parcels of Zindra (Adult) land. Attacking the child avatar targeted and pretty much behaving like a bully's chrony.

When I decided to contribute the dangers of false accusation, she found a way to spin my story into some sordid tale of exposing children to pornography. Using the most pretzel logic possible, she tried to "expose" me for being some sort of horrible person.

My story, based on fact:
  • I go to my favorite book store to buy books.
  • Kids are in the way because they're loitering.
  • One mother accuses me of looking at the kids and requests security remove me.
  • Mall security and store staff recognize me as a regular, know I'm just there for the books, in turn they remove the mother and her loitering kids.
The LiasBlue version:
  • I go to the mall to expose kids to hentai porn.
  • Mothers rally against me to protect their kids.
This is pretty persistent and becomes pages and pages of me saying she's twisted the details into some accusatory functional turn of phrase. I know I'm probably an idiot to respond to her. But, I simply can't stand to be lied about.

Now, here we are again. I started the thread, I got my responses, I asked for a thread lock knowing that no productive conversation could follow from that point on. The SL forums awarded me my lock, SLU did not. So, what results? Exactly what I expected. Counter productive commentary and a continuing stream of false accusations from LiasBlue.

In a peak of irony, LiasBlue agreed to a post including a Google seminar video about poisonous people in discussion groups.

What comes up about at about 11:30 in the video is the topic of one dissenter and how that poster responds to nearly every single post in the thread. "It's a technique of making it look like there's more dissension than there is." as quoted from the video. Looking at LiasBlue's patterns, she's shotgunned the thread with what appears on some pages as a checkerboard of her post, someone else, her post, someone else, her post, someone else... Ad-nauseum.

She seems to be out to reinvent the wheel here. Out to be the advocate of the devil's advocate. I'm not sure what pleasure she derives of this. I'm not sure what she has to gain. But, her favorite game seems to be finding someone who has something to lose, beating the dead horse over this person, and eventually patting herself on the back for "winning" whatever happened.

The fatal flaw is that nothing ever really happens. She's being laughed at, not laughed with. So why persist? I persist because I'm being lied about. I persist because I think this mis-information affects me and how I spend my time inworld. If I don't post corrections, what do I do?

Off in the background, I've been accused of "Not letting this stop". But, I ask, who is not letting it stop? I'm responding to lies. Personally, I'm going to leave it up to the liar to stop. I will not sit by idly and let the lies continue to spread. Using words like "propaganda" and "the pandering mob" doesn't make a lie more true.

So, do I have a stalker here? Should I put up with these lies? Is it my responsibility to "let this stop"? I need to know. At the moment, I can't think up the solution for myself.


Brinda said...

Immy,In a perverse sort of way you have reached a level of success, odd as that may sound. Take a look at 'Second Thoughts' {archived}
August 15, 2009
Boatload of Crazy

As soon as I saw the name I knew exactly who you were talking about. Just for giggles search that blog for Lias's name. Actually search most any blog and you will see that name...and never, I believe will you ever see anything constructive from her.

Intelligence demands intelligence..Respect demands respect.. And some folks you just have to leave them where you find them 'cause you can't carry everyone with you.


PS: I never got a response on my offer to sail on my sims!

(Hmmm...can you get "hot air" on a blog) =^..^=

23rdDjin said...

yes, you DO have a stalker. it's become evident that Lia(r)s sits there doing forum searches on your name to post immediately after you when possible. i also found myself betting that the NCI information and messages from Carl that she was cutting and pasting on Proks blog were probably lifted from your blog here.
she is obvious in her hero worship of Prok, and one wonders just how she can try to be so far up Proks ass without ever pulling her head out of her own. finding her Lias account muted by Prok, now attending her meetings as her Blady avatar, as well as choosing to continue her "battle" with that avatar in places where she hopes Prok will see her and fall in love with her nobility...
her lack of intelligence is glaring, blinding her to the fact that she doesn't even know what she's saying as she posts, often contradicting herself without realizing it, but it's hard to tell if she just clumsily avoids truths when pointed out to her or just too stupid to realize even the simplest things. i find myself wondering what term or cliche' she will learn next, then overuse, rarely, if ever, correctly. a guaranteed laugh if it weren't surrounded by an attitude of such complete pathetic ignorance.
she has made it evident she's a very lonely person craving attention. doesn't matter if it's positive or negative as long as she believes she is shining in the center of it. truth is secondary at best, though i suspect it's actually completely irrelevant, and she's been on cloud nine for a few months now, thinking that she's become the center of everyones attention whereas it's actually the center of derision.
"batshit crazy"? not necessarily the term i'd use, but it fits too well. unfortunately it's already been widely accepted to describe a certain blogger (whose name i'm tired of typing) so, really, Lia(r)s needs one all her own...