Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In response to... (Redux)

I'm sure I'll get deleted... So...


Sorry, but, the claims you made about ME were and are lies. I see no evidence of the events as you tell them.

1) I was exploring the mall around an NCI site ALONE! I greeted you and complimented the place.

2) Your topic about anonymity interested me. I read the chatlog on your blog the next day. I really wish the rest of the crowd stayed on topic, as you yourself admitted, they didn't.

3) I was on NCI land and I had no idea you controlled it, no idea that you were going to have a discussion, and was helping some people I only chat casually with navigate the freebie wall.

Your own spin doesn't change those stories. Please; provide chat logs, screenshots, Mystitool radar updates, ANYTHING that supports your spin on the story.

Until then, to me, you're a liar.

And, if I'm still posting responses, it's not because I'm "getting around bans". I don't know how. You just haven't banned me correctly yet. So, don't perpetuate THAT lie eithjer. (=_=)y


bladyblue said...

I clicked the link to the Prok post to see what was being said about you again. I waded through the entire Prok Post - you were not mentioned.

The ball is in your court - You can stop promoting Prok's blog and let the truce stand.

Dale Innis said...

I think it's quite reasonable of Ms. Sideways to point out that Mr. Neva has said some untrue things about her that were not in the list that he posted, which he claims was every untrue thing he has ever said on his weblog. That is an implicit claim that everything else he has ever said, including his statements about Ms. Sideways, has been true.

Curious what truce you're refering to: it would be entirely unlike Mr. Neva to agree to, or observe, any sort of truce; he rants at whomever he likes, whenever he likes, and accepts no limitations.

Dale Innis said...

Mr. Neva is in fact an admitted liar: he posted false claims about my RL personal life, which he later admitted he had no reason to believe were true. He justified the lie on the basis that, basically, I annoy him, but even if one were to for some reason accept that justification, it's still a lie.

On the other hand, I think most of his false statements are not lies, but false statements that he believes to be true, due to the way that he perceives the world. We all have filters between ourselves and the world; Mr. Neva's are perhaps more pronounced than most.

bladyblue said...

Dale, I am saying, as I have said before, that attempting to point out (or create) flaws in someone else so whatever they say about you becomes a non-truth never works.

Prok states "If it turns out that Dale Innis claims he didn't post my RL picture with harassment captions linked to Twitter, I look through every single tweet of his and note that I was mistaken about that".

That should be enough to let it go Dale. Convincing Immy to continue to bad mouth and post links to Prok is not helping Immy process these issues and move on.

Last year Prok wrote nasty blog postings about me. I did not send the link out to everyone and it went away. You sully your own reputation when you point these negative writings out to everyone.

Be the bigger the person, leave this sort of stuff in the pace it belongs (don't let it color everything about you) and just move forward. Please.

Dale Innis said...

Yeah, I'm not planning to reply to that posting, although note that the rest of that sentence refers to "the other harassment to which he relentlessly subjected me", which of course doesn't exist.

In general I don't really believe in the "don't feed the troll" approach in this context. I used to, but now I think that that approach amounts to letting the bad actor say whatever he wants, and tell whatever lies he wants, and the victim is supposed to just be quiet, because responding might make the troll even angrier, and provoke more lies.

To me, that's letting yourself be blackmailed by the liar. "Let this small lie about you stand unchallenged; if you respond to it I will tell even bigger lies!" I don't think people should give in to blackmailers.

On the other hand I agree that it's also not ideal to respond directly and give the troll more material to get angry about. In my case I've posted a Generic Response on my own website, and left it at that. It seems to be working pretty well for me, as a compromise between direct engagement and being blackmailed into silence.

I don't know Ms. Sideways well enough to know what response to these attacks would be best for her; all cases are different. I was just saying that I thought her posting was rationally justified. I agree with you that no one should let this sort of thing occupy too many neurons in their heads.

Perhaps Ms. Sideways should be encouraged to make some weblog postings on completely different topics. :) There are many more interesting topics in the world.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I'm just letting things get to me again. I'm sure I'm playing to broken record in saying that I can't stand being lied about. It just struck to the bone to have gone through all I did as a result of his lies only to have him come back with this blanket statement "I am not a liar". (>_<)

I'd probably serve myself better by not visiting that bloody blog anymore. (T_T)

Problem being, there ARE times when Prok brings up valid points. Still a lot of pollution and chaff... But the one rare gem often makes it worth reading. (T_T)

Dale Innis said...

I so know how you feel! That's exactly what I said to myself back when he was for whatever reason focusing on me. It's a pity that such a poisonous place sometimes has such good comment discussions, and even good posts.

One thing that I did to wean myself away was to start following less notorious but less minefield-like SL weblogs (as well as the Blue Mars beta forums now), which also have interesting posts and discussions, well worth contributing to. And time spent reading and writing on those is time spent not paying any attention to Second Thoughts. :)

By the time Prokofy banned me from commenting in his weblog (or says that he did; I suspect he probably failed to), I had basically stopped anyway. Which is probably a win for all concerned!