Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't take candy from strangers ~AND~ AR or it didn't happen (^_^)y

Yesterday the Kuula sim had a griefing. It was the epic bluebox of doom attack whereas a script, be it rezzed or attached to an avatar, would send huge quantities of blue box dialogues to any and all avatars nearby. As you well know, blue boxes tell you the owner. Enough blue boxes will lag any client into a crash... Which is exactly what happened to a number of people in the vicinity. (>_<) So, we knew what avatar it was, we knew it was spamming people, and it wasn’t the first time for this kind of attack. I, myself, crashed and filed my first abuse report with an alt. After relogging myself, I remembered there’s a limited range and went back to Kuula to fly about 100 meters away to file my detailed AR. Both times on the avatar named as the owner of the script sending the blue boxes. (^_^) Within a minute... This big bloody canon falls on my head! (>_<)

Porter Linden! Xd

Since the avatar was on the street, he shut off scripts all around. We were able to have a chat with the avatar that was spamming us. Turns out, this person had received a folder called “1000 FREE LINDENS” and decided to wear it. In that folder was the scripted attachment that was spamming and crashing everyone. This person was completely unaware of the damage being done, agreed to delete the items, and was very apologetic for the whole situation. (^_^)

Lessons learned:

“Don’t take candy from strangers” – Be mindful of the items you receive. Particularly if they’re objects you wear or rez. And, “1000 FREE LINDENS” sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well... Now we see why. (^_^)

“AR or it didn’t happen” – I say this a lot on the forums. We can complain about abuses all we want, but, until we report them to Linden Lab... they won’t and frankly can’t respond. (>_<)

That said... Don’t be afraid to AR a violation. As you can see, sending an abuse report does not make you judge, jury, and executioner. Linden Lab has a fully staffed support team who respond to TOS/CS violations in real time via triage. Invalid ARs are more often than not ignored and valid ARs are addressed quite promptly... Even with rather surprising results, sometimes *rubs cannon shaped bruise on her head*. =^-^=

In conclusion, the person wearing this item was not a griefer and didn’t operate on purpose. As a result, this person was not banned, and rightly so. It was an accident, it was treated as an accident, and in the end we had hugs all around (and a well needed sim reboot). (^_^)y


Brinda said...

Exactly... One of my demonstrations with Nooblets. I first tell them *Don't accept ANYTHING from someone you don't know*

Then I demonstrate with a 5meter box attached to chin...named "friendship bracelate".

=^..^= Their usual response is, "why would anyone want to that?" And ..You kno..I never have a really good answer to that.

Dale Innis said...

Those big Ban Canons came from Porter Linden? hahahaha that's wonderful. We need a spirit of mischief in our governance. :)

I seem to recall something recently added to the viewer that lets you automatically refuse dropdowns from a given resident? Or maybe that was just in Emerald?