Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Emerald FINALLY a gem? (^_^)

Up until lately, I've been hesitant to adopt Emerald since I've had mostly poor experiences with crashing and horrible FPS performance. But, with all the publicity it's getting, it just can't be ignored. (>_<)

So, latest update... What comes of it? Client side AO and bouncy boobs. Funny thing, while I'd LOVE to claim I got it for the boobs... I didn't actually know about that feature until AFTER announcing I was running it in a group chat. (._.)

So... I'm running it now, FPS is nicer than before. I turned off all the blingy annoying particle things and I think it's to the point where I'll keep it. I'm loving the client side AO (After I actually got it to work... Notecard in the same folder as the animations, people) and it still behaves in RLV. (^_^)

So, happy Immy is happy. I'll be in Emerald from now on until something better comes out. (^_^)y


Dale Innis said...

I'll admit I got the latest version for the sake of the bouncing! :D

I like Emerald although it's not vital to me. It has alot of neat little features. Doesn't crash for me very often, but then neither does the main viewer these days (touch wood).

I'd guess around 10% of the ppl I see have th' green floaty names when I'm using Emerald. (And I saw a VerticalLife user once!)

AntoniusMisfit said...

Didn't get it for the bouncing, as it's pretty useless for my tiny avatar. However I do like the new derender feature where you can turn any content you don't like(like grossly offensive signs) invisible on your viewer. And now I can finally use Emerald with OpenSim via the "--loginuri=[grid uri]" command-line switch!(It previously borked that switch).

And I agree with Dale that I'm seeing more and more people use Emerald, despite a certain "comrade" trying to put it down however she can.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Heh.. I ran into that de-render feature by accident when I was trying to inspect a girl's skirt to get the maker... I'm sure you can guess what the visual quickly became on my screen. =^-^=

AntoniusMisfit said...

I hope that girl at least had an underpants layer on! :O

It would be nice to have the derender feature be like the mute list: you could turn off the derender on an item in case you turned it on by accident. I ought to suggest that to the Emerald devs.