Sunday, October 18, 2009

I agree with Prok. =^-^=

"I think publicizing and exposing false claims and naming and shaming griefers and stalkers are all good things that are needed in the struggle against online bullying. It's a tactic that works with RL governments although it may work less well with violent social movements. Even so, it's a means of drawing the line so that those movements are discredited and that new recruits are forced to have a conscience, even if they don't start out with one, by having ownership for the violence that occurs with their chosen group -- forcing them to explain themselves, or leave. Some do leave."

Yes, I like exposing false claims too. Particularly ones involving me being included in any griefing raids, being in any crowd of avatars, or even harassing people. (^_^)

See? I don't do those things. And, since Prok hasn't provided any screenshots or chatlogs that include me, I'll continue to call BS on every word (s)he says. (^_^)

(S)he can speculate as much as she d**n well please. Actually, I can't say I'm bothered by being described as "Creepy" and "Little"... Consider, my store name IS "Darkly Cute" after all. Creepy and little is my thing. (^_^)y

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