Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emerald hasn't polished the turd yet... =^-^=

I came and left from the latest Emerald. The FPS has vastly improved since I last ran it and the client side AO is a great idea... But...

I don't care about the paranoia plugins. All that mess with Show Look At, the radar, de-friend notification, and such just gives me more information than I want to know. And, I weep for the person who feels the "need" to gather all that information about their surroundings. (=_=)

The AO is a great idea... If it worked. Yes, I know how to set the animations and the notecard and I got it to walk, pose, run, and fly just fine. But, I don't run a sit pose. I like chairs to have their own. But, I've found that if I sit on a poseless chair (the kind I use 90% of the time) animations get seriously borked. (=_=)

BLING! Yes, I'm saying it... Those stupid looking customized select particle trails are just bling. Friends don't let friends bling. In fact, I like the ~other~ feature... The ability to turn ALL selection trails off. Happy clean screen for me at the time. (^_^)

RLVa... What the heck is RLVa? What does the "a" stand for and why do most compatible RLV attachments break when running in RLVa? Guh... FAIL! (>_<)

Client tag ID. Yet another "Cool Kids" option, like select train bling. I didn't like all the distracting and oversized green nametags with (Emerald) as if it's a secret sorority handshake. I get the feeling people get a little 'beam' or pride when they see that they're in the "in" crowd with their green tags on that the l4m3rz don't have. =^-^=

Plus.. Since Boy Land did a new compile of Cool Viewer with full Adult additions, even less lag, and RLV 1.22... I went back to that client. (^_^)y


Ghosty said...

/me hugs his Snowglobe tightly.

Harry said...

That is what's been bothering me about Emerald.. the "paranoia" add-ins. I just didn't fully realize it till you called it that.

Dale Innis said...

Oooh, another viewer to put on the "try" list. :) I admit I'm an Emerald fan, although I probably don't use half the features. For me the main thing is that they seem to have actually thought about the user experience, and the things that I wan to do most often are usually a click or three closer to me than in other viewers. Yah, I'm lazy!

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I wind up preferring Cool Viewer simply because it has the old pre-voie UI. I like all the buttons. Plus, so far CV is the least laggy of the whole lot of'em. (^_^)y

Satomi said...


I am surprised you had issues with RLVa it seems to work perfectly for all the people I know.

Maybe you could post something in Emerald forums or send a message to Kitty Barnett (RLVa author) about that?

Now, why RLVa instead of RLV?
Because at the time it was included, Marine Kelley was still insisting that RLV wasn't GPL.
It is not true anymore, but switching back to RLV would be useless now.

Other viewers that make a point in respecting the GPL license (like Meerkat, Imprudence and Snowglobe-FE) also include RLVa.

Anyway, now we have a lot of choices (more or less blingy, more or less lightweight), and it is a very good thing.