Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome back, Tat! =^-^=

Got a little good news / bad news from the NCI front. (^_^)

Bad news: Gramma Fiddlesticks has stepped down from her position in NCI. These past couple months have surely been stressful for her. I can imagine; combining the turmoil of recent events, managing the people that make the group run, and dealing with the people who have a thing or two to say about how NCI 'should' be run. (>_<)

She's been great. Having taken on a position she didn't want in order to try and maintain the stability that makes NCI so great. And really sacrificing a large chunk of her life to serve the new resident of Second Life. In addition, she often offered me a shoulder to cry on for my own troubled times when I was being bombarded with slander and hate mail to the point where I was willing to blame myself for situations I had completely no control over. (T_T)

Frankly, that made her the best person for the job, in my eyes. Kind, caring, and willing to serve. She was the right person, in the right place, at the right time to keep the NCI community afloat since the events of August. She is still a friend, and a great one. Her role in NCI will be missed. (T_T)

Good news: Her replacement is Tateru Nino. Having come out of "retirement"... or "sabbatical"... which ever word you chose... She's now taking the executive reins. I've chatted with her a couple times and have been a frequent reader of her blogs. She has been in NCI from all the way back when Brace Coral was running the show. From what I have seen, she is just as trustworthy and hard working as anyone we've had. I fully support her return and hope to become a friend of her's as time goes by. =^-^=

At the same time, a few coordinating roles have been revised and filled with new people in order to give Gramma a break. It's not so much a re-organization as it's simply filling roles to keep things in motion. All in all, NCI is still strong and continues to be the best new resident support organization SL has ever had. (^_^)

For more, read up on Tateru's blog pose here: Everything old is new again. (^_^)y

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