Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anatomy of an Immy. =^-^=

I've been LOLing lately at all the places where I'm seeing my name used as though I'm a beast of lore. "Imnot" here, "ING" there, "Immy" everywhere. It's like watching a bunch of wrinkly curmudgeons telling stories about Bigfoot, Nessie, Jaws, or whatever. It's silly. (^_^)

Anyway... My blog, my rules. Let's talk about me. I'm so vain. =^-^=

Little Immy - March 2008

I started SL as a kid AV. Quite antisocial, in fact. One thing I sure as heck didn't want was to be in the virtual gene pool of the online dating/sex scene. Making myself a creepy little crud really helped work that out... To a limit. (O.o)

I STILL ran into people who would IM me with less than savory requests. And, I was all like "Woah! Dude! DX" most of the time. So, back then, I spelled it out in my profile. I introduced myself, left a messages telling people to NOT IM me with sexual requests, even threatening to shout them to open chat. Finally closing my profile with "Please call me 'Immy' so that I know you've read my profile. (^_^)". Not bad, no? No only an indicator that I got my preemptive message across, but, a nickname was born. =^-^=

So, yes, for quite a while I was a kid avatar. It was fun. Though, I was quite imp-ish and sometimes very un-kid-like most of the time. I was mostly floating between trying pass as a kid, a vampire, a loli-imp, a neko, or whatever my mindset was at the time. Regardless, no matter what I was, I was "me". (^_^)

I've since sprouted up and gone adult now. Along this whole time I've been a regular at the Hanja Welcome area, Waterhead, NCI, and various other places. I like to diversify. I hop around from PG sandboxes to Adult dollification sims and everything in between. (^_^)

One thing that's been consistent to my nature is helping. I was always the kid in class who would put things down to help someone else reach a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. So, it's only natural that I become a helper. It started when I found a pile of green dots on the map in a PG sim. I dove in to find this funny little place called New Citizens Inc. One of my Hanja friends was there, so I said "Hi" and chatted up the place for a while. Over time, I got to better know people and even ran into the first person to ever chat with me in SL... An active NCI officer at the time who I had shoo'd away because I wasn't really chatting with anyone back then. (>_<)

Anyway... The group was fun and I became a regular. I started getting used to the idea of being able to build and script on the land. I started entering contests. I started having serious fun. Over time, through what I hope was merit of my actions, I was assigned the role of a helper. (^_^)

I really enjoyed it. Helping comes naturally to me. It's how I get my thrill. I can't really explain it. I guess it's the pride. I like the feeling I get when I've given a person one more thing than they didn't know before. I won't even say I'm generous. I can't say that generosity is my motivation. It's just the thrill of spreading information. I'm an information glut and a showoff, so, I like to spout all day about information I have. (^_^)

At one point, I was finally past my minimum time required to sign up for Second Life Mentors and I dove in to it. The application process took a long time and the meetings, shadowing, and final acceptance was very rewarding. Again, this gave me more opportunity to help. I really didn't have to change any habits and I rarely wore the tag, but, it was nice to have the extra resources available at my disposal. Mentor group chat was a great place to take baffling questions. Access to Help Island was a fun way to pass the time assisting people for their first minutes inworld. It was a blast. =^-^=

Between infohubs, NCI, and Help Island, I sure as heck had a full plate and it was full of things I liked. In between and intermingled with my duties, I had my friends. From the Welcome are mobs, to the drones at The Doll Works, to the nutcase /b/tards of Woodbury, to my own close and personal friends... SL always had something to offer for my time spent inworld. (^_^)

Then I faced a griefing. To me, THIS was a genuine griefing. Not silly cubes and particles. I got falsely Abuse Reported by a W-hat goon for (Sexual)ageplay. Mind you, I was in a PG (adult robot) avatar, on PG land, in a PG event, and building a PG project for the event. What part of anything I was doing had a chance of being misconstrued as (sexual)ageplay, I'll never know. (>_<)

Aparently, neither will Linden Lab. After filing a ticket on the suspension, I got a response clearning my record of the event and apologising for the error. That was a good thing. (^_^) In the process, I was able to point out the events that lead up to my AR and even the presumed name of the avatar that reported me. From that, the NCI community and senior land officer offered me the opportunity to become a Land Officer of the group. I accepted the poisition and continued to do my best to keep the sandboxes clean and safe. At the same time, making a mess of my own, much to the pleasure of the crowd of regulars. (^_^)

To date, that's what I continue to be. SL is supposed to be fun and I'm finding all of my facets of fun in different places all over SL. While I will be losing my Mentor tag in just a couple weeks, I will still mentor on my own terms. The existing fringe mentor chat groups are still fine resources for information and NCI still remains the number one location and group for getting exactly what you need to adjust to this funny little virtual world. (^_^)y

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