Friday, November 27, 2009

Freebies or theft: Lesser of two Xstreet evils?

A friend of mine was shopping for a specific hair style. She hops around the stores, checks out the blogs, and takes a peek at XstreetSL. All happy things. (^_^)

... Until she runs into a hair with one maker name as the creator and another maker's name in the description. (=_=)

Wonderful! This seller can sell Sirena hair! \(^o^)/

That's not all...

ETD, as well. How do I know? (^_^)

It's one of my most commonly worn hair styles. Practically the first one I ever bought when I started working out my style in SL. (^_^)

I put up a mention in SLU. What do I get? First response...

A link to some bold sonova**** who blatantly puts "Redgrave" in the item description, as if to PROVE it's stolen. Well.. Probably to draw attention to the product so that it will sell faster. I mean, what better way to sell stolen Redgrave boots than to list your stolen boots under the search term "Redgrave", no? (^_^)

So, this is the XstreetSL that Linden Lab gives us. An outlet that's being rid of the "freebie clutter" to make room for perfectly honest copybot thieves who price their items accordingly so that they break minimum commission and are assured sales since they're undercutting their competition by hundreds of L$. Of course... Don't go and say that their competition is the exact maker they're stealing from. That would require Linden Lab to, you know, take action? (=_=)

Bleagh! DX

I haz a grumpy nao. (>.<)

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