Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coming soon: Mentorless Second Life

A rarely seen tag on me, that will soon be seen no more. (._.)

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As of December 11, 2009 Linden Lab will be disbanding the Second Life Mentors group. As a result, residents will be losing a resource that's long been available to the volunteer community and new residents' introduction to SL will never be the same again. (T_T)

For me, it was not about the tag. Anyone who knows me or has seen me knows quite clearly that I rarely if not never wore the thing. What I did do, though, is give my time and use the resources available to my fullest. I frequented infohubs, welcome areas, volunteer regions, and the numerous Help Islands which were restricted to new-resident and Mentor access. It was a fun ride. I met a few friends along the way, Mentor and new rez the same. And, now one facet of that is being taken away. (T_T)

Linden Lab allowed me to be who I am and do what I do best. For that, I thank them for the opportunity. In this turn of events, I will be keeping a critical eye on them. They say they want to improve the New User Experience. All I can say is, I'll wait and see. (=_=)

And... Of course... If a new volunteer program comes along; I will be right there at the signups and offering my time and talent to this wild and wooly virtual world. (^_^)y

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Dale Innis said...

Yay, you! :)

The Lab's announcements of these things always come out sounding so slick and insincere somehow. "We love the Mentors sooooo much that nothing we could have done would have been sufficient to show our appreciation, so we're shutting down the programs! Happy happy joy joy!"


I do hope they come up with something at least as effective in incenting helpful folks to help. Something better than "oh, we started up another wiki!"...