Monday, November 16, 2009

The "ING" thing. (O.o)

Okay.. Who started this? (O.o)

I know I have a freakish SL name. I was ticked off on the day I made it. (=_=)

At first, I signed up to SL a while back and was really disappointed in the graphics. That orange gradient "sunset" was just an eyesore. That, on top of a few other issues, made me give up on SL. (>_<)

Then come November of 2007 and an article about SL getting linked on 7chan. In a little web hunting, I got a peek at this new "Windlight" thing that was coming out for SL. NOW they got my attention. Pretty skies, ripply water, believable lighting models. Okay, time to sign back in to SL and take a look around. =^-^=

But, bloody no! I FORGOT MY PASSWORD!!! DX

Okay... Make a new account... Names... Names... Names... "Sideways" Heh... Stupid name. =^-^=

"Imnotgoing"... Even more stupid! XD [Register]... And NOT taken!!! XD

Okay... So my avatar's name is Imnotgoing Sideways. That's not a name at all. I'm new to SL but not quite. I have this big wonky name. People ask me over and over how to shorten it. So, I made up "Immy". Sounds cute, no? Back when I was a kid AV, I laid down some rules about NOT IMing me for teh sexxorz and such. At the tail end of my profile, I left the note "Please, call me 'Immy' so I know you read my profile". That was a nice way for people to alert me that they got the message. (^_^)

As time passed, the name stuck. It's cute, short, and easy to spell. So, that's my nickname. (^_^)y

But... Now, according to Prok, "they" call me ING. Is this a reflection of friends that have been contacted? His friends or mine? It's funny. Even within the comments it sounds like this "ING" character is some beast of lore. Like, don't say her name three times while standing in between two mirrors or your room will fill with haunted dollies, or something. Am I such a mystery? Really, the only reason anyone wouldn't know something about me would simply be because they haven't asked. (^_^)

I'm THAT easy. If you friend me, I give map access 100%. I don't mute. If you ask and show you care, I tell. Some people who contact me are surprised that I respond... As if I have something to fear. Some people actually seem to fear me. Believe me. I'm not THAT significant. I think I deserve far more unimportance. Y'all are crazy. (^_^)y


Ghosty said...

His friends. I've never, ever heard anyone refer to you as "ing".

... wait. He has friends?

Brinda said...

Immy...I think I read recently that your name causes comments to go to spamm file on Proks blog...Not sure where/post I saw that...was just in last day or so.
If I see it again I'll either post/IM/or note

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Yeah. Prok said that in one of the replies to the "Yourenotgoing Anywhere" post. Basically, it's a one-way communication feed. Prok has made up his mind about exactly what I'm supposed to be and dissenting voices are NOT allowed. (=_=)

"5. Finally, if you write ING's name, it goes in the spam file because this person is banned. If rules 1. and 2. aren't violated, it is published. No one is denied their chance to speak on this matter arbitrarily or with censorship. I merely have banned a serial griefer from my blog under my rules, and any anonymous posters who can't abide by my rules."

Bleagh! DX

"No censorship" yet the mere mention of my name leads to post deletion. (=_=)

Rinoa said...

if that were true carl's post there wouldn't have made it through... so I wouldn't know.

Brinda said...

yup ...that's what I saw.
What with Poly gone for a few...been a lot busier than *normal* {what ever that is!}

Kyrah said...

Well prok refuse to call you Immy because that would be friendly and you're just a criminal or something for her. And since she banned your name, she use ING, wich some peoples seems to have trouble to even write properly (saw a ton of "IMG")