Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lies protected by comment moderation

"The fact that there are no comments on this particular blog astound and concern me. Here we have an adult pushing the limits of child sexuality. Is that ok??. So, they get permission for bondage. Cool! What's next on the agenda? Come on people speak out. This is a paedophile hiding behind the TOS." - Paddy Wright

Prokky's blog on me =^-^=

Paddy. There's an easy explanation for that. I've received one or two IMs from people telling me that they attempted to refute Prokofy's words about me only to have their comments summarily deleted. So, it's my speculation that Prokofy is not only attempting to spread lies about me. But, he's stifling any form of dispute against his lies. (=_=)

  • I am not a criminal.
  • I am not a pedophile.
  • I am not a (sexual)ageplayer.
  • I put away my kid avatar not long after I was seriously griefed by a W-hat goon.
  • The avatar I wear is that of an adult; 5'1" in flat shoes, C-cup breasts, and 18 years old in character.

Unlike Prokofy, I am leaving my blog comments open to everyone and will not censor any response. I do not fear dispute because I'm not lying. Whereas, I see quite clearly that Prokofy does because he is. (=_=)

Feel free to leave comments, contact me inworld, or for a real laugh, offer me friendship. I give map access to everyone. I don't do anything that would compromise myself as a person or an avatar. (^_^)y


~Spectre~ said...

I have a question for you, How did this whole stupid "eWar" Start? I mean, I've been around SL since 06' I remember NCI and it's helpers and I'm sure many people have passed through there like I have. Is it just differing opinions or is it like the age old "I am not getting my way so I demand changes!" type of thing a lot of the more poncey Americans are so used to?

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Honestly, I'm not quite clear myself. I'm quite aware of the harassment Prok has gone through. I know some details about the whole front door picture thing. So, I can see why she would be behaving like a cornered kitten. (>_<)

At the same time, this is consistent of her abrasive personality that people have observed all along. I guess I'm just easier to attack. (>_<)

Yes, I'm in the Woodbury group... I appreciate their sense of humor. After spending some time inside the group, I believe she grossly exaggerates the level of harassment she sees from them, specifically. (=_=)

Yes, I started SL as a kid AV. After being griefed by a W-hat goon, I found myself reconsidering what I wanted to explore within myself. I worked on a few new avatars from scratch, made my own skins from templates, and achieved a new "me" for myself. (>_<)

But, now the whole NCI thing. Out of respect for Carl, I won't say much. It's my point of view that peer pressure, manipulation, and some old-world-ish politics that I simply don't understand were involved. I'm not sure what I should say. I'm not sure what I can say. (T_T)

As for myself. I'm hard headed. I want to be myself and I want to do what I do best. When I got the note saying people in the WU group had to leave NCI, I realized that I had many other alternatives I could go to. To date, I remain an SL Mentor. I still randomly hop around welcome areas and infohubs. I like NCI. But, if a group decides I'm unwelcome, then I'm not going to force them to accept me. (=_=)

Really... This is all personal, petty, and distracting from the potential of what could be a much more productive experience in SL. I'll respond to lies, slander, and libel... Then go about my merry way to have fun in SL and offer help to whoever wants it. To me, that's the best I can do. (^_^)y

~Spectre~ said...

Nobody really deserves harassment Imnotgoing, Prokofy Neva included.
So you're being harassed yourself because of a group you associated with or because your avie, or is it both?

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I wouldn't say that I'm being harassed. That requires persistence. This is just a one-off attack. I'm by no means significant enough to deserve harassment. (>_<)

As for Prok, I can't deny that she's being harassed. But, considering her lies about me, I can't believe the extent of harassment she claims to be receiving. So much as say "hello" to her with an avatar name she doesn't like and she screams "harassment". (=_=)

If she placed her judgments upon me based on facts, rationality, and logical thinking; I really wouldn't have taken issue. The first two times she parcel banned me, I did little more than mention it to friends. (=_=)

But, in the end, her bulk of comments about me are petty and juvenile and often flat-out lies. I allow anyone to give her the benefit of the doubt. Just understand in my case, due to the falsifications she's made about me, I'm left with no reason to believe any statements she makes anymore. (>_<)

Paddy said...

I would like to point out that the comments made by me on Prok's blog were soley aimed at Hunt Highfield, and in no way were a criticism of ING Sideways. I am sorry if the two have been merged together.

Paddy Wright

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

@Paddy: Thanks for clarifying. (^_^)

While I was intrigued at the LL response that Hunt guy got, really, he was wanting to delve into things that even I won't risk in SL. (>_<)

In a way, the little dood was lucky I didn't see his SLU thread until after it was locked. (=_=)y