Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doubleblow! XstreetSL this time. DX

Okay... Not only is the Mentor group being shut down. Now XstreetSL is going to charge fees for item listings below certain price thresholds. (=_=)

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Freebie listing fee = L$99 per month. (=_=)

Non-freebie listing fee = L$10 per month. (=_=)

Minimum commission on non-freebies = L$3. (=_=)

So... The hopeless cottage industry seller has no place here. Honestly, I've made little to no money from listing my items on Xstreet. I put my freebies up there and they move like hotcakes. Really, the one place I've had the best sales experience is my own little inworld 510M parcel, which is paid for by my annual premium membership. (^_^)

Really. I see no need to rely on XstreetSL any more. Once I get home, I'm pulling all my listings and tossing my bloody magic box. I've heard my unwelcome and accept it. (=_=)y


Brinda said...

Yes Immy...I've been approached to mentor nooblets at a Gateway.
The word I heard was that the current system of Help Islands will terminate end of this month.

The rumour has been ongoing for several months that SL mentors are likely being allowed to die. Numbers are under 1600 now...and so few do what you do...Help one on one.
New account retention's around often I see over 100 new accounts on the HIs and zero to one mentors out there...There's no glamour in HI work.
There you have the blind leading the blind.

Proks FIC isn't all her imagination..the *new user experiences* are all alongside major commercial sites and supported by them.

It's so sad in a way that those content creators...the lil ppl...the like, "neighborhood shops", that gave Secondlife its blood are going away. As always...big business triumphs.

King Midas still lives.
Phillip the dreamers gone...
And it's time to repay the startup dollars I guess :-((

Zauber Paracelsus said...

I'm backing out completely of xstreet. All my sales are in metaLIFE and in-world. The only hot seller I have on xstreet is a free and full-perm sculpty sorter I made.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Yeah. Me too. I "cleaned house" right when I got home. Staying with XstreetSL would have meant going from making L$25 a month to costing me L$300 monthly. Sorries, no, my inworld store beats that to death. (^_^)y

Dale Innis said...

I basically never use xstreetsl (I think I did once or twice, months ago); not sure why, I guess inworld shopping is just so much more fun. But this change seems to have been done in the usual appallingly bad LL way: do it suddenly, pretend that anyone who is unhappy should have magically known it was coming and gone to some unpublicized Office Hours, and then in the announcement be all chirpy about how wonderful it is for everyone.

/me shakes head sadly.

Well, maybe it will just improve the inworld shopping experience, as people put former xstreetsl energies into inworld stores instead. Fingers crossed...

Kyrah said...

Yeah the worst part of it to me is LL trying to convince us that WE chose it (the community)

anyway i'm now opening shop on:

That's all LL got from me, a greater will to piss them off.