Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where I went (^_^)

Since Xstreet has gone the way of Wal Mart, I have since pulled out and focused on other things. Mind you, Xstreet sales almost never made anything for me. I see myself as a cottage industry. I make a couple styles of glasses, a few more styles of doll keys with my own scripting, and a nose piercing. I'm not a heavy full-time content creator. (^_^)

So... With that, I don't really sell much. My main store pulls in about L$1200 per month, I had a mall location in LicoLico that was more of a landmark provider to my main store and cost me L$600 per month. And, Xstreet was my publicity engine where I was lucky to make L$25 per month. (^_^)

In the end, I'd usually walk away with L$625 per month. My stipend alone beats that to the ground. (=_=)

So, what to do? I still want a publicity engine. I still want a website. As Kyrah mentioned in a comment to one of my prior posts, there were currently 4 other options:

From the looks of things, they're all good choices. Slapt and Meta-Life have the nicer looking web pages. I found Apez to be too dark and MetaverseEx resembling a site from the early '90s. So, as a publicity engine, I was biased toward the pretties. (^_^)

Slapt seems to be having some back-end drama. I'm seeing a friend on Twitter mentioning that he was dropped as a group admin so that gives me the feeling that they're still going through growing pains. (>_<)

So, what I was left with was Meta-life... And, that's who I've set up so far. (^_^)

So... For now, I have my little butt planted on Meta-Life. Actually, taking a look at things, I've already made a sale! \(^o^)/

Setting up on the site was pretty easy. I like the method of getting a password from an inworld object. That just makes for one less thing for me to think about. Listing items was considerably trouble free. So far, I like it. I'm going to tinker a bit with the vendor system... It'll take some prim cutting on my part to do so, but, I can do it. (^_^)

I still have to look into the other sites, but, for pretty and publicity it looks like Meta-Life is a good choice. (^_^)y

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