Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Immy - from the little one, up. (^_^)

I started SL as a kid AV. It was my "me". It was mostly based off of a freebie "loli" avatar that I found in a freebie box when the first thing I searced for in SL was "Kawaii". I was a funky little crud. First without prim hair, then eventually upgrading to hair, shoes, and such. (^_^)

Rez Day Immy - November 2008 (2007 avatar)

Then, I got tall. TOO tall. My interests started to shift to less-than-child-ish things and I needed to sprout up a bit to appropriately explore them. I had a shape that I made for sale one. It was a bit over 6 feet tall. And, it had quite a few of the commonly recognizable features of any of the shapes I've made. I can't say I was ever comfortable in that shape. Sure, attachments were easy. I finally had boobs, so, clothing with shaders were no longer a problem. It just wasn't "me" and it took far too much psychological adjustment for me to stay in that shape. (>_<)

Big Immy - April 2008

I was reeeeealy flaky about my avatar back then. On one hand, I was Little Immy... The epic trouble making brat, "Look out below!", frigg'n tempest in a teacup worth of mischief. On the other, I was Tall Immy... Getting involved in D/s relationships, actively roleplaying in CoLA, I was even partnered and had a dollie/sub for a while. I was a bloody shapeshifter!!! (>.<) So... I had this toggle between a puggy little brat and SRS-BZNS hightower. It was getting tough to manage. Scripted collars when I'm up, unscripted when I'm down. I'd have to ask friends about the environment they were in before TPing me. Things were far too black and white and I found my self being diluted by an ever changing persona. (>_<) I wanted a cool medium, so, I went to work on a new shape. I wanted the physical maturity of my adult shape combined with the bratty sass of my little. I wanted to establish my own brand of cuteness and terror. I wanted my "me" to be me 100%. (^_^)

Robo Immy - September 2008

After getting a lucky chair prize of a cyberdoll avatar, I started getting to work on a smaller, yet, mature shape for myself. When I got done with the face, I was almost frightened how consistent it was with my originals. I really never went back to reference, the face wound up being a reflex. Honestly, it has gone unchanged for at least a year by now. There was just something golden about it. (^_^)

I was still floaty about my shapes for a while but started frequenting my mid shape after a few months passed. It wasn't too hard to adjust attachments for, looked great in many different outfits, and was my most comfortable form, to date. (^_^)

I still spent a lot of time experimenting. I used custom skins I made using Eloh's Re templates. I was making a lot of "okay" but rarely any "good". I'd spring back and forth to my little and tall shapes some more. I'd tinker with demo skins. I was finding my self constantly dealing with a look that was just not right. (T_T)

Glass Gearz - March 2009

Then Eloh came out with her Pleaides skins. They were great. They had tons of great shading. Really, wonderful looking skins. But, I ran into issues with the nose, eyebrows, and breast shading that I just couldn't work with. In the end I only made a couple doll skins out of them, including what I consider my masterpiece, Glass Gearz. Surely, I have not found my "me" yet. (._.)

Not long after, Eloh comes out with Starlight skins... With the old and new nose and many more workable layers! XD

IMMY!!! - August 2009

Since then, I've been settling in. I really have found myself at home with my shape. While I have run into a few prim outfits that just won't fit, in general, my current shape and skin is Immy defined. (^_^)

Even better, I've found a really killer store called Danika that sells outfits that fit me perfectly in one shot! I've been able to go there, buy an outfit, and walk out of the store with it on and no adjustments needed. So, not only have I come up with a good to-scale avatar... I'm seeing that others are too and we're becoming a marketable group. =^-^=

Immy - November 2009

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Dale Innis said...

Hey, yer shoelaces don't match! :D

Thanks for sharing all this; it's fun to see the thinking an' feeling behind the various Immy forms. They're all adorable (in a bratty sort of way); your current one is great an' unique.