Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Scrubbing"? (O.o)


"He has removed the ball-gag picture and other offensive pictures off" - Prokofy Neva.

How is this removed? (O.o)

Blimey, people! Can't y'all say ONE honest word about me? (=_=)

It's bad enough you're slandering me, but, your integrity goes down the hole when you put such a sad effort into stalking me that 90% of the potentially supporting information you present is flat out false. (=_=)

I'm still laughing at the concept that I live in the UK and attended the SLCC RL meetings. I mean... WOW~! Talk about being miles off course. (^_^)


Ghosty said...

Personally, I'm growing bored with the constant attention you give this idiot. You're intelligent, witty and observant; how about no more writing about Pro*cough*y, and giving us something real to chew on. Can you DO it? :o)

Brinda said...

Ghosty has likely said it best Immy...and BTW..I see a comment this AM that does say that while you did sit next to *Alisha Matova* was "in world".
"We did meet and even sit next to each other. *gasp* But only at the in world keynote, not actually in SF."
Maybe it's time to just move on...Coming from a more or less southern USA background...How'bout this one--
*One isn't wise to get into a pissin' match with a skunk".

I'm not labeling who's who in any match...just a thought that no one wins.

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

I'll admit. This is surely my fatal personality flaw. I can't stand being lied about and I'm far too bloody curious about what people say about me. (>_<)

It may be that the remainder of SL experience is pretty bland in comparison. I don't know. I mean, I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to locate hair I saw on a clothing vendor board. (=_=)

Okay... How about this? My next post (Like next-next, chronologically, after that belch I have posted above) I'll petition for people to help me find that hair... It's tooooo bloody cute for me to pass by. I MUST HAVE THAT HAIR! DX