Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You ask, I deliver (^_^)y

o explain why he instigated an incident with Alisha Matova such as to make her feel she had to break off a friendship with me -- I have absolutely no reason to doubt this former friend in her explanation of why she was breaking off a friendship with me, and it was definitely over Ing

I believe I’ll let Alisha speak for herself here. Actually, looks like she already has. Check her out in your own blog’s responses. (^_^)
o explain why he made a picture of a child avatar with a ball gag -- and then removed it from after it was exposed on my blog

To start; that’s not my child avatar. I did not purchase the shape or skin from any child AV store. Both are of my own making. The shape started from a “Ruth” base and the skin was recently updated when Eloh put out a very beautiful collection of skin templates called “Starlight”. Unlike the Frankenslut Boobzilla avatars that lurk the SL grid, I have chosen a more believable and natural shape. That’s all. Enjoy your 7-foot-tall avatar, I don’t care. (^_^)y

As for my picture; You’re doing it wrong. It’s not removed. The only times I’ve deleted photos from my Snapzilla collection is when I’ve accidentally sent shopping shots meant for a friend... Usually asking for hair and style advice or pointing out things she’d like. Beyond that, the only person that would be deleting pictures from my collection would be Christiano(sp?) and my guess is that he would contact me if he were to do so. (^_^)

o explain why he can't leave Woodbury after seeing the voluminous amounts of documentation that shows it is a griefing group - -and not only of me, but lots of other people

I never said “Can’t”. I said “won’t”. So far, the documentation I find show that Voted5 and PN are genuine griefing organizations, mainly because they can’t maintain a presence in SL with any duration beyond a single event. As for Woodbury; the group is an interesting beast. It’s easy to hate because of the *chan references but, for me, that’s the reason to embrace it. (^_^)

I like random and WU is random. There is no leadership, no control, but the SL technical model on groups forces a means of ownership and moderation. Internally, the group laughs at itself just as much as it laughs at the excessive seriousness of the world around us. Nobody is safe from a good bashing, particularly the owners and officers. Group chat is a scream and a good mental break from the day-to-day hum-drum. (^_^)

Of course, Prokofy, your idea of a griefing can be the simple act of saying “Hello” with the wrong name over my head. I’ll tell you this; we have shared perfectly civil conversations in the past. And, actually, I think you and I get along. Just... On another account. I won’t say who. You and I have a good thing going. =^-^=

o explain why he needs to keep coming to Ross, when there are plenty of other infohubs to practice his *cough* newbie-helping

I’ve been keeping up with the alt-client voting board. It’s really an interesting issue. On one part, these people are doing a better job than Linden Lab in regards to delivering a fully functioning and debugged client. On the other, without a deep understanding of what changes were made, I don’t know what the client would do to my account. Ruin my inventory? Send my password to a database in Egypt? Sap my account of L$1 per day? (^_^)

I’d like to turn the question around. Why restrict a potentially productive helper from volunteering time in a Linden infohub? If you want it to be private property in which you wholly manage, why hand it over to the Lindens? Or is it that you just wanted the cut in tier and free advertisement for your mall? Because, considering the way I observed you behaving, the last thing you want the Ross infohub to be is a welcoming portal for new residents in SL. (^_^)

I say, rescind the infohub status of your Ross shopping mall and push to promote Desmond’s Oxbridge University in Caledon. They’re doing an excellent job over there. (^_^)

o explain why he thinks that putting comments on his profile about "little nakie one" and such isn't edgecasing and provocative when it's clear that it's designed to skate under the radar

Easy; I’m shorter than about 75% of the people I know... Unless I’m in heels. So, “Little”. And, I’m usually in skimpy clothing. It’s one of my claims to fame. Nakie FTW! \(^o^)/

Though... The last time we met, I was far from nakie... Had the cool new Katat0nik dress on. Only L$20 and it matched my old red boots. (^_^)

o provide the text of the letter supposedly given to him by LL with the "apology".

Hi there,
Linden Lab has reviewed, at your request, a discipline action recently taken against your account.
Our investigation shows that the discipline may have been applied in error; we apologize for the mistake. We have also noted the correction in our records for your account.
If any further information is required, Linden Lab will contact you regarding this incident. Otherwise, please consider the matter resolved as no further communications will be sent.
Best wishes, and again, our apologies,
Linden Lab and the Second Life Community team

Ticket Information: Ticket #:4051-5305285 Date Created:9/28/2008 8:47 PM PDT

o confirm or deny that he was at SLCC (he claims he wasn't, but yet there is a claim that he was)

I did not physically leave my house the entire weekend. My family is strongly against any of my SL friendships turning into RL meetups. There are a lot of creeps out there. (^_^)

o explain, after being banned twice from events because clearly they were griefed by Woobury, and after smirking and writing "Sorries that was short" with neko smilies that made it abundantly obvious that he knew what he was doing, why he would come back *again* to Ross for yet ANOTHER event when he was clearly unwanted and just seeking to annoy and make trouble.
Actually... I said “That was brief”. It’s a common statement of mine. I use it typically when a conversation goes no further than “Hello”. I say it most often when a new resident asks a question and doesn’t let more than 5 seconds pass and simply tromps off or TPs away... Or, in your case, bans my butt before I get a chance to say “Nice place you got here”. (=_=)

I don’t remember any WU members being around for any of the times I visited. My Mystitool radar didn’t show anyone I knew within chat range. So, this whole “clearly griefed” isn’t all that clear to me. (=_=)

As for the smilies; They’re a habit. There’s something missing from text chat that I like to inject in my own words and I think smilies express them well. Since I’m a fast typist, the minor delay that comes with typing five to seven extra characters isn’t a burden to me. So, I do it. Just a bit of fun, you know? (^_^)

(^_^) << Regular happy, casual.
(^_^)y << Peace (usually when I’ve finished a multiline message.
=^-^= << I’m being “catty”.
(>_<) << Grimace... I’m either a bit frustrated or fearing a frying pan upon my head for what I just said.
(T_T) << Cry... Moody Immy is moody. Sometimes happycry though.
(O.o) (o.O) << Erm... LOLWUT?
(o.o) << A state of enlightenment... Sort of when I’m like “Ooooh.. Didn’t know that before”.

There’s more, I’m lazy. But I’m sure y’all can catch the patterns by now. (^_^)

As for my return trip to Ross; I’ll admit, I’m a bit bitter over my continued ban from the NCI infonode. You really do have a nice looking place there. I mean it no harm and intended to sporadically volunteer there just as I do with all other infohubs and welcome areas. I will not let your selfish hostility over me prevent that. That’s all. (^_^)

So... Did I address your questions and concerns with enough information? (^_^)

Want more? Feel free to ask. (^_^)

Want to know where I am and what I’m doing? Feel free to offer friendship. Heck, you can block me from seeing your online status, I don’t care. I give map. (^_^)

Want to keep spinning your little personal grudge to the point you’re the laughing stock of SL? Well.... Keep up the good work. (^_^)y

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