Monday, October 12, 2009

I’m turning Persocom, I really think so! (^_^)

Okay, bad song reference. (>_<)

But, it’s true. As a method of coping with my recent bouts of depression my friends have taken me in to a dollification sim and have turned me into a Persocom. Surely, this is something I can’t be against because I can use all the help and attention I can get and I bloody LOVE Chobits. (^_^)

To explain what a Persocom is, is pretty simple. A Persocom, in the Chobits Anime/Manga, is a personal computer built in the form of a humanoid being. Full size models can be completely adult in scale and height and laptop models can fit nicely in a backpack or purse. For more, read here: Chobits - Wikipedia (^_^)

The most commonly known Persocom is Chii; One of the two first-built models and the main character of the story. Her ears are very popular for cosplay characters and a lot of people in SL have made duplicates so that inworld Persocom avatars can be easily made. (^_^)

Now... It’s my turn. I have the ears, eyes, a USB “tail”, and I’m being programmed to match. I’m still being a bloody nightmare to my friends and don’t yet know how to stop that. But, I know they care. I know they want what’s best for me. Regardless of my horrible reception of their care. (>_<)

Still... I have teh cutenezz. =^-^=

Come on by and visit The Doll Works grotto to see me in action... I have pretty good Google-Fu skillz. =^-^=



Dale Innis said...

ooooh, will there be a backpack-size Immy? :)

Imnotgoing Sideways said...

Uuuui! To have a to-scale Kotoko avatar would be teh WIN!!! XD